First Metal yoyo?

I don’t know if I will get one yet but if so what would be a good start for a first metal? ???

u should because u dont have one and u should try to see i u like them. maybe buy a yoyofactory dv888, hectic, frantic, or tatic theyre the cheaper metals :slight_smile:

Because of price and availability, those are some of the best low end metal yoyos. There are some other great ones, but they’re just hard to find.

What do you want to get out of a metal yoyo if you get one?

Good spin times mostly and a lip for thumb grinds my Legacy isn’t much of a grinder :confused:

Dv888 for sure if you are looking for a high end metal yoyo that costs very little.

A dingo is on $50 which is less than half of my most expensive metal

Metal Zero isnt to terrible.
Otherwise any of the FundaMETALs
Also the Shinwoo Zen.

I have heard good things about the Beysick by Hspin as well.

JUst pick one!
You can’t go wrong

please don’t get a metal zero.

I know.
I’m not sure why that was one my list

I remember when I almost bought a Metal Zero…Good times good times.

edit I have NO idea why I decided to spell it “bot”


After reading several posts asking questions like this a few weeks ago, I finally chose a YYF BOSS and absolutely love it! It is super smooth and has opened up a whole new area of trick possibilities for me. I love the rounded, smaller size because I have fairly small hands and it is really comfortable to hold and throw. Since it is my first and only metal I can’t compare it to any others, but right now I can’t imagine loving any other yoyo more.