First metal

What’s a good first metal to get? I’m intermediate/advanced, and I was thinking about getting the Di Base.
Any suggestions?

if your intermediate, id assume you dont quite know yet what you like in a yoyo… i know i didnt…

so here is the basic idea… more weight on the rims is more stable and longer spinning, less wieght in the center is quicker and a more floaty feeling…

i think a really good yoyo for you thats a metal, and relativly inexpensive would either be the nova, or the gfunk… they enjoy nice spin times and stability, perfect for learning tricks…

yoyos not from yyf, pretty much and yyj plastic metal hybrid, but those arent totally metal…
spyy, solaris, or ronin… if you got the cash, caribou lodges are also very good and somewhat prestigious

thanks! i understand all of that already but thanks ;D sorry i only hav one trick to learn before i complete my intermediate list and i have a few advanced tricks down already (i forgot to mention)

so what do you recommend overall?

Start with a budget and a list of what you have and what you’re looking for in a yoyo.

I’d say anything in the $80 and under range would be good.

The CLYW stuff is fantastic! Pricy but worth it. The HSpin Beysick is fun for nt a lot of cash, as is the Sharp, but I think the Beysick is a better way to go. The dv888 is nice, but perhaps undersized isn’t the way to go yet.

I throw a bit of everything and I like pretty much everything. Plastic, metal, metal/plastic, it’s all good!

I think the Dv888 is a great yoyo. It just feels very nice. Good for grinds. Very smooth. Etc. And its cheap.


  • It’s cheap [debatable]
  • Spins long
  • Plays smooth
  • You get A LOT for your money

dv888 or a shinwoo zen yoyo no one seems to give them credit they deserve

Yea, Shinwoo definitely deserves more credit for their awesome budget throws

Ain’t that the truth. I have a dv888.

The cheap issue isn’t up for debate. You get a LOT of yoyo for that $45, and for that, it’s cheap. In other words, you are getting a better deal than one is aware of. It’s well worth it.

I think you already like shinwoo yoyos, maybe you shold buy the zen 5

Your question really does come down to budget and preferences. Do you have an underestanding of the type of shape you prefer? If you do then you go look around at different companies and what they’re offering. My personal preferences are ILYY, One Drop, SPYY and CLYW. That’s not to say you won’t love YYF or some other company’s offering the best but you need to determine your personal preferences then go seek out the best match.

One other note of advice is to check out the reviews once you narrow down your choices. You can find opinions on almost every yoyo if you search well.

Good luck in your search.

There are a lot of alternatives. Duncan Echo/Raptor or Shinwoo zen series. YYF Dv888 etc. Cheap and good and metal yoyos :P.

CLYW all the way!!!

I would go for the Rec Rev mangaroo if I were you! I received mine today and it is great.
Thanks! Dingo