first metal yoyo recomendation

so i want to get a metal yoyo but have no idea what i want. the yoyo’s that i have that i like are the legacy, grind machine, speedmaker, hitman, and dark magic.
the list of metals that i’m looking at:
-DV888 (currently sold out)
-Tactic (currently sold out)
-2010 California
i dont really know how each one is different from the other so if someone could explain what makes the yoyo unique or something like that it would be cool.
so what do you recomend? also you can suggest others not on the list.

Of what you list I have the Hectic and the Axiom.

Both are great players, but I prefer the Hectic (just slightly). Overall they’re approximately the same size. The Axiom is a bit wider. They both have a large gap and require a good bind. They’re both smooth on the string. The Hectic is a bit heavier than the Axiom, but they are both relatively fast players.

Frankly you can’t go wrong with either one.

Of those, I have a Hectic and a Tactic and I like them both very much. The edge goes to the Tactic for me because of the rounded, more classic shape.

Just an fyi, every metal I own today was purchased through the BST forum so don’t worry too much if it’s sold out. Aim to pick something out you think you will like then search it out or post a thread in BST stating what you are looking for.

OK i have the Yuuksta and the Dv888, both amazing yoyos although i tend to like my Yuuksta a little more. Ether one would be a great choice.

For a first metal I would get he dingo or the yuuksta both great yoyos