having second thoughts...

Looking into getting a new metal yoyo. I’ve been more than ready for a while, but now that i have the money im not sure about doing it. Is it really worth the $120?

Get a cheaper metal if you’re hesitant to spend 120 on a yoyo.

If I were you I would get a DV888. Only $65 but plays amazing and is smooth plus really good for grinds. I wouldnt immediately go to a $120 yoyo if its your first metal. ;D :smiley:

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I agree go with a dv888
or even for a metal go for a yomega maverick lol
(thats if your lower skill)

The dv888 is an amazing yo-yo. It will save you money, too.

thanks for the advice, guys. I assumed that since the price was so much lower than the others in the 888 series that it wasn’t as good for whatever reason. I think i’ll go with the Dv for now. maybe ill invest in one of the others in the future when i have more money.

Just out of curiosity, why IS the Dv so much cheaper?

Its DV888 first of all. It isn’t really in the 888 series. The original name of the yoyo was a buzz-on yoyo called the DV8. (deviate)

Dave and Ben got together and came up with the DV888.

The price difference is the machining cost. its cheaper to make the DV888 and Ben thought everyone should have one.

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ooooooh i see, i see. thanks everyone who helped :slight_smile: