Dv888 first yoyo

Has anyone noticed that the dv888 seems to be a go to yoyo for many people starting into the hobby? Why do you guys think that is? Price was my first thought, but it is comparable to many others out there. Maybe the responsive/ unresponsive options? Then again, maybe it’s just me who thinks a lot of beginners get it :wink:

IMO its overpriced. I don’t hate mine, but for $30 it should come with the extra pads and the large bearing. That’s my only gripe. Its perfectly cool otherwise.

I agree with tvelto. It should either have a price drop or come with the extra stuff.

So true. My first yoyo was a black dv888 ! Now it’s my wife’s yoyo. I don’t play it anymore really. It is a wonder. I think it’s because when I google searched beginner yoyos the dv888 came up. Metal responsive maybe ?

I don’t think it’s the go-to starter yoyo that it once was, not by a long shot. Someone entering the hobby today, or in the last year or two, is more likely to buy a Replay Pro or a Skyva or a Sage. DV888 was so popular among beginners because its starting price for an all metal yoyo was very good once upon a time, and it got recommended regularly, meaning it often showed up in people’s searches. It was a very good option four or five years ago, and it remains acceptable, but there are plenty of options that have supplanted it since that DV888 heyday.

Honestly I think $30 is fine for what it is. I mean, the yoyo was released when you’re hard pressed to find anything of similar quality for that price. Even Yoyojam hybrids were more expensive back then.
If you take inflation into account, it’s actually pretty cheap even today. It’s just that there have been waves of cheap yoyos nowadays especially from China that make it seems like spending $30 on a precisely made, blasted, and anodized metal yoyo, sounds kinda expensive.

I think its still a great beginners yo-yo, especially for someone looking for metal over plastic.

Can you get better performing yo-yos for the price? Yes

Can you get a better beginner metal yo-yo for the price? I don’t think so.

The dv888 is a great yo-yo for the price, the less expensive options are dubious magic yoyos with poor quality control, and it will continue to be a great beginner yoyo until yoyofactory comes out with a responsive shutter or something.

Magic yoyos vibe from the start, but retain the same amount of vibe forever. No, legit forever.

The dv888 is also a little undersized. I think maybe young kids are getting this so it can fit their hamg

I find it a nice responsive yoyo - feels nice and smooth. I find it hits my hand hard tho - not comfy to catch - but everyone’s hands are different. I generally recommend the replay for beginners, cheap, responsive but performs well. 2a yoyos, (360, 1080) can also be good for beginners who are working on just throwing, sleeping and catching. And they slip into a pocket nicely.