Opinion's on new metal yoyo?

I’ve been using the DM for a while now, and I love it. (Prop’s Andre) But I want to go ahead and grab myself a metal yoyo. I see so many different opinions on them, just trying to decide with some help. Money isn’t an issue as I see most hover around 120 bucks. From what I’ve read I’ve been thinking, G5, M1, or Eight8Eight. Leaning towards the 888. I’m in the master level of the trick section, and any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated, as I only want to buy one. ;D Not buy one, not like it, and buy another and another. Thanks guys.

I got to say, the 888 is good, but I dont like it very much. Out of those 3 choices, M1. However, give us more insight to what you are looking for please. Look at this thread, then answer the questions so we can determine the yoyo for you: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,653.0.html

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I think in order to steer you in the right direction, I need to know a bit more about you.

Answer these questions about your Dark magic for me, it will help me determine what your preferences are. Answer them honestly because I am going to recommend a metal yo-yo for you that has the qualities you are looking for.

Regarding the Dark Magic Diameter, is it: To Small, To Big, Just right
Regarding the Dark Magic Width, is it: To Small, To Big, Just right
Regarding the Dark Magic Weight, is it: To Light, To Heavy, Just right
Regarding the Dark Magic Response, is it: To Responsive, To Unresponsive, Just right
Regarding the finish on the Metal Rims of your DM, is it: To Smooth, So Grippy, Just right
Regarding the Shape of the DM: would you make it More curvy, Less curvy, keep it the same
What Colors are you most fond of?
One color or Two tone?
How important are laser graphics?
Do you want to play more then one play style (i.e. 1a. and 5a)?
Do you want Hubstacks?
Do you use the inner ring grind area?
Have you tried any other yo-yo’s and what did you think of them?
Do you want a yo-yo that everyone has or something less common?

That should be enough to help me determine which yo-yo you would like

Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” Allen

cool, as far as the size,it’s a little bigger than I like, but I am 6’4, so it’s not overwhelming in size. I like the width of it, is makes slack and whip tricks pretty easy. I would like one maybe a little lighter, just so as my wrists would forgive me after a long practice session lol. I love the metal rims for grinds, and the shape of it seems to be okay.

I play 1a style, and so far I’ve like the Dark Blue 888 with the black stacks. And I actually found one in stock lol. And the grind ring isn’t that important to me, I don’t find myself throwing in thumb grinds to often into routines.

I’ve been able to do all the tricks so far except Ladder Escape, and my favorites are one’s like Yuki Slack, and a lot of the whip tricks for transfers.

Once again, thank you for you help.

The 888 is a great yo-yo, and if you like it then it is a safe bet.  If you want that kind performance but bigger, then a Torrent would be good, just good luck finding one unless you order from overseas.
If you are really partial to the flat rims, then a Mark Mont or a Project would be good, I think the M1 might be a tad bit small ( I am 6’3, so i can relate, but I prefer smaller yo-yo’s like the 888 and M1)
Honestly, I think the best yo-yo for you would probably be the Project or the 888.  Though If you can find a Torrent, get it.

Here is a review of the Torrent, easily one of the best yo-yo’s out there.


  • Chris

If you want my personal preferance, I prefer either the M1 or the Meteor.

when you say wide, a little smaller and a little lighter i suggest the 888 based on what you said, seems to be the perfect fix, and i am 6’0 haha just thought i would say that lol

Cool, the 888 seems to be what I’m looking for. I did just read a bit about the Skyline also from YYF, and of course that sounds like an awesome choice as well. Anyone had any experience with that one compared to the 888?

Here’s a link and a video of it. I haven’t played with one, but it looks pretty smooth…


Thats Guy Wright, he could make a Duncan Imperial look smooth.
The skyline is very simular to the 888

Basically it comes down to the shape. Do you want Trad Butterfly, or H Shape.

Yeah, I absolutely love the Skyline that I used. If I save up for an other yoyo, it will either be a Skyline, or a BvM.

I suggest you listen to dryoyo though, he really knows his stuff.

Well being as I can’t seem to find any Skylines in the US, I’ll start with the 888, I’m sure I’ll love it. Then when I find a Skyline, I’ll scoop that up too. Thanks for all your advice guys. :smiley:

I agree with Dryoyo, he seems to make sence in what he’s saying.

I Reccomend Three yoyo’s the #1 on my list is a 888 which can be found here at yoyoexpert from the link that Samad provided. #2 is a G5 which can be found here.http://yoyoexpert.com/product/yoyofactory/g5/
the other #2 that I like is the Grind Machine 2 which is no longer made.
#3 is a One Drop M1 which can be found here http://www.1dropdesign.com/yoyo.php or at http://www.yoyonation.com/home.php?cat=342 since One Drop is not sold here yet. just my opinin of course you have to try and see whats good for you.

it all matters on what you like. If you like small, fast, yo-yo’s go with the M1. if you want to try a hubstack yoyo try the 888.

Give us what you like in a yo-yo and we can chose for you.

If you don’t want us too choose, you can choose by looking at reviews.

See the best review and go with that one.

Hope i helped! :wink: