Good metal yoyo's

I know some of you might say that this has been posted before But I just need help with recommendations for a good metal yo-yo based on my preferences:

I like the size, width, and gap width of the Legacy. I like the weight of the dark magic. I wouldn’t mind having a yo-yo lighter than the DM and slightly smaller. I like to try out new things. I really like the look of the meteor and I don’t want to pay more than 120 buck for a yoyo.

Just give me several choices and advice, and any links to reviews will be appreciated.

Remember, yoyoing is a sport.

I would recommend an 888. It is a bit smaller than your DM, but it is sweet! Really smooth, really nice sleeps, great yoyo!

fyi the 888 is almost as wide as it is high, as i mean, its length and width are almost identical

That’s true. I would recommend trying out a yoyo before you buy it. If you have a chance to come to a competition, it is a great way to try out some new yoyos. The 888 is MY personal preference, but not neccisarily yours.

I also like to do IRG and body grinds.

P.S. In Puerto Rico there are no yo-yo contests and I think I’m 1 person in like maybe 20 serious yoyoers here in my country.

You can do body grinds with pretty much any metal yoyo. Also, the Axiom may be a good choice for you because its about the size of the Dark Magic.

Actually, Axiom is smaller than Dark Magic.

Happy Throwing! =]

I highly suggest the DNA 888, it larger version of the 888. I played with one today, and it is awesome! Also, I suggest the DV888.