New metal?

Hi everyone,

I want to save up for a metal yoyo. My first (and only) metal yoyo is the Maverick. It doesn’t really cut it for me. I’ve only tried the Maverick, Speedmaker, and the Dark Magic.

My few prefrences:

Which size do you prefer: I have no idea, but I would like to try undersized.
Which weight do you like: Something like 65-70 grams if possible.
Which shape do you prefer: Don’t know, willing to try anything except modified or imperial :stuck_out_tongue:
Does color matter?: Sort of, yes. (I don’t want a pink yoyo.)
Which response do you like: I have only tried Hybrid and It is not my favorite, I am willing to try anything.
Which width do you prefer: I like it wide.
How much are you willing to pay? Up to $70 (I have to save up money then pay for the yoyo with my own.)
Whats your skill level? I am on advanced 2. And I can bind…:slight_smile:

I’m thinking of DV888, but I’m not sure.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I was gonna say Dv888 too. If you like it I say go with it. It fits all you preferences so yeah.


Off to make some money…:stuck_out_tongue:

Dv888 is awesome for a first metal ( it was mine :slight_smile: ), the response is great, really tight binds, the gap is really wide, its undersized, it plays really smooth, just an overall great yoyo I would get it if I were you!

I recommend the dv888 or the boss. they are both beast!