trying to decicde plz help

im trying to decide if i should get a new yo-yo because i have a dark magic but it feels alil bulky in my hand i mean yes i can do all the tricks i know but i feel like i cud advance father and faster if i had a yo-yo with a sleaker design and i am the only person i know of in my small area that really yo-yos so i cant borrow someones to see how it is any ideas of a good yo-yo to change to or should i just stick with my dm

I know what you feel. You could stay with the DM but I would try something else as well. I suggest the X-convict and Hitman and atmosphere. They are all smaller and feel less bulky than the DM. If you can spend more I would look into a YYF fundametal or Beysick. You don’t need a new yoyo but it is very nice to mix up your collection.

ok ill look into those and do u have any suggestions for all metal ones and thank u for your help

If you want something sleek for an all metal, i suggest a hectic. I played my friends one and instantly fell in love. It is small and easily can fit in your pocket making it great to take places. Also, you cant beat the price.

thank you ill take a look at that and have u played an 888 cause i was lookin at it and the design and everything looks real nice and ive heard it plays nice

It plays really well, though I personally like the boss better

ok so i think ive got my choice down to the 888 or the boss cause that looks real good and it says its just like the 888 just no hubstacks and the rim is alil thicker then the price so ill have to look at the two and are hub stcks something fun to have when ur thinking of combos and stuff cause im still tryin to learn some ways to make combos and learn some of these tricks i see in some of these vids

IMO, the 888 is THE BEST yoyo on the market. It truly has everything a yoyo could possibly have. it plays fantastic and it feels great! I would HIGHLY recommend the 888x. If you are willing to spend the money of course. The boss is okay (IMO) but the 888 is great. I wouldn’t keep spending money on okay yoyos and buying a ton of yoyos that keep getting better. I would just get it over with and get the best of the best, the 888. :slight_smile: