I'm going from a dark magic to...?

So I yoyoed in middle school for a couple of years then stopped and recently, in the last 6 months, have started up again in college. I can do 75% of the advanced string tricks and working on several expert ones. I currently use a dark magic and it works great but I’ve been thinking about going to my second yo yo and have been looking around. I’ve been looking over boards and reviews looking for what yo yo I’m going to get next. I’m looking in the $99 dollar range and have my eye on either the 888x or the 44 special. Has there been a review comparing the two? Or is their another yoyo that I’ve overlooked and should be considering also? Are hubstacks over rated, it seems like they aren’t used much buy people in the worlds.

Thx! ;D

i recently put up a thread about my 2nd yoyo, with my first being the DM as well. one of the suggestions was the YYF BOSS. i looked it up in the shop area, and i was really pleased and that’s going to be my second yoyo. so look at it and give it a good consideration :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that the boss is a worth contender with the other two for feel and play and in my opinion has a sweet look.

dv888 is a good choice

that’s what i said :slight_smile: i’m really looking forward to getting it

Dv888 all the way. I got mine after my Dark magic, and had it as my main throw for a year and a haf until just yesterday. Its a good choice.

may i recommend a mayhem?
its comfy to hold, stable, fun, good at grinding, and awesome

I do recommend the 888x, it’s been one of my favorite yoyos for awhile now. Its smooth, has a nice shape, and grinds like a dream. Although hubstacks do get old after 10 minutes, you can remove them for even better play. The 888x is just an all around great yoyo perfect for you.

Same here i love my DV888. I just have to finish satining it and get a new bearing.

The boss is a great metal yoyo I would go out and get one