YYF 888x or DV888???

im looking for a new yoyo. i currently have a dark magic, but i need a smoother yoyo. can the 888x come back up after just 1 layer of binding, or 2? is the dv888 easier to come back up? what are hubstacks and what will i need them for? thank you!! :-\

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DV888 is definitely a cheaper option. They are both great throws. Hubstacks allow you to pick up the yo-yo while it’s spinning and do pull starts and gyro stalls and stuff like that. They will come up every time with one bind as long as you bind correctly. Would you like a more flat rimmed yo-yo or a more rounded yo-yo? What is your skill level? Note that these yo-yos are a lot smaller than your DM.

no yoyo sold on this sight will really need a double bind. if you do, then the bind is the problem, not so much the yoyo.
these yoyos are both super smooth and both preform outstandingly. the 888x does have a hubstack system. what this does is enables the player to grab these hubstacks that are on the side of the yoyo and the yoyo will remain spinning freely. if you do a quick search, you may find a post about them.

-) (- kinda like this.

anyways, you are using a yoyo that is considered large. both of these yoyos are undersized. you may want a yoyo that is closer to the DM. also, if the DM didn’t seem to fit you very well, then you may want to try a smaller yoyo. if this is the case, try an XconVict. it is just like an undersized DM. it is cheeper so if you find that undersized isn’t your preference, it wont cost as much as if you bought a metal.

if you want to move to metal and like the size of the DM, try a Frantic. if you want a metal hubstack yoyo, try a DNA. they are both great even though i prefer undersized.

summery: Look up what a hubstack is on the search function of this sight.
if you want to try an undersized yoyo because the DM felt to big to you, try an Xcon
if you want a Metal with similar size to the DM, Go for a Frantic (frantic has a different shape, similar to a Speeder.)
If you want a metal with hubstacks that has a similar size to a DM, try the DNA

hey i hated the size of the DM so thats why i chose these 2. thanks for your help! i bought the dv888 and i love it!

mohawkman, one quick question about your dv888. what is alot better about it then the dark magic. i have a dark magic and consider getting a dv888. thanks.

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well as stated before, get the DV888 if you don’t like the DM. the size is different, the shape is different, and it is metal. if you like certain aspects of the DM like the shape for instance, go for a smaller yoyo with a simular shape. make it a cheeper one too. but if you want to upgrade a DM to a metal, try something like a DNA.