888 or dv888

im getting ready to buy a new yoyo…im lookin at dv888 and 888 which is better and why…

none is better then the other

The Dv888 is based off the 888 but with flat rims and with out hubstacks

The 888 has a rounded shape and has hubstacks

if i were you i would go with the dv888 same play as the 888 but cheaper

Once I was at a yoyo store saw Dv888 and the 888. I tried the 888 first awesome! Then I tried the Dv888 and was simply blown away by the superiosity of it towards the 888. Espicially concerning the price. Unless if you truely desire hubstacks, get the Dv888.

P.S. This is a biased post based off of facts.

you shold not buy a yoyo just because it has hubstacks. Most people only play hubstacks for a while and they get bored of them and only use them occasionaly

Well, the DV888 has no hubstacks and the 888 does, the DV888 has flat rims and the 888 doesn’t. Based on those 2 facts I have no idea why they both have the same play.

Both are fairly different yoyos. Neither is better, just different. If you think you want more rounded, go with the 888. If you want flat rims, get the DV888.

Brian, I just kinda said that :P.

I was just…reinforcing…the knowledge you presented to this forum? Haha.