888 vs dv888

i’m debating on which to get. it wont be immediately, but once i ork up the money.
and why is the dv so much cheaper?

The Dv888 is cheaper because it doesn’t have hubstacks.

I prefer the Dv888, but I’m not a big fan of either.

If you like flat-rimmed shapes, go for the Dv888, is you like more rounded shapes, try the 888

I have tried both, I like the dv888 a little better. It’s cheaper than the 888 because of materials, and it has no hubstacks. The dv888 is still undersized (which I love.) If you’re not going to use the hubstacks, consider a dv888 then. They are different in shape also. I just love the feel of the dv888, it’s really all you need on your journey through yo-yoing! dv888 for me.

888 all the way its a hub yo. but the dv888 does play very well, and without tilting but im still going with 888

DV888. I have a 888 too. I like the flat rims and it fits in my hand. The DV888’s anno is why better than the 888.

Dv888 wins, hands down.

ive tried both i like the Dv888 better

man the 888 is gitting smashed. only if the dv888 could have hubs and still be stable.

I haven’t tried the Dv888. All I know is that the Dv888 is flat rimmed, and the 888 is rounded.
I just like rounded yoyos.

Its your throw. The Dv888 is extremely stable.

I kinda want a DV888 now because of all the good things iv’e heard about them.

Samad is right. Mine is extremely stable.

not when i put z stackes on my dv888, i don’t know why that is when i take them off it’s stable like you said samad.

Well, I don’t suggest putting Z- Stacks on your dv888.

How do you have Z-stacks on a DV888? Major modding? ;D

:wink: :wink: