Which is better?

I need to know if the Dv888 is better than the 888.

There’s no better yoyo. Just consider the shapes, and whether hubstacks are important.
Left to right: DV888, 888. They are not to scale, dv888 isnt so much smaller.

Buy the one that seems to have a shape that suits you more. 888 is very round, DV888 has flat rims. And if you really need hubstacks, just get an 888. I don’t think you can mod the dv888 to have hubstacks, unless u got some real skill.

but is it worth 60 bucks for hub stacks the dv888 looks better i n my opinion but i dont know which one sleeps longer and i dont know if there are any official tricks for hubs but the look fun so it just depends on cash and preference but please somwon reply im just tryin to help the guy out so thanx for readin

Playing: 888
You Should Get: DV888

To lazy to list why, Price, shape Ect.