DV888 vs. 888

So i just got $110 to spend on a yoyo and yoyo stuff. And im stuck between a DV888 or 888 so could yall help a brother out and post your opinion and why i should get it?

Thanks -JRT

Both yoyos are undersized, but both play GREAT!

The only MAJOR differences between the two are the shapes, hubstacks, and the material that was used to make them.

The DV888 has more of an H-shape, while the 888 has a rounded butterfly shape.

The 888 has hubstacks and the DV888 doesnt.

The yoyos both play AMAZING, but the reason why they cost a different amount of money is because some materials used to make the yoyo cost differently.

What I like about the DV888, is that it is really stable and unresponsive. Plus I like how it’s undersized, because I have really small hands. I also like the shape of the DV888, because it makes it really easy to do thumb grinds. Most of these characteristics also apply with the 888…although the only thing is I find it hard to do thumb grinds with a 888 since the hubstacks are in the way.

These were just some of my opinions and tips, although it’s yours that counts!
Hope this helped and Good Luck if you are trying to choose a new yoyo! :wink:

dude thats rewiew ROCK MY SOCKS thanks but im not going to end this now i kinda want to hear other people opinions but thank you thats was a really good review and opinion


Pretty sure they’re both made of the same material…The DV888 is a simpler design which takes less time to manufacture. That’s why they’re different prices I think. I’m partial to the DV888 myself. I was a big fan of the original DV8 by Buzzon and this is essentially a smooth, all metal version of it. That and it’s super cheap. Plays great, too. The 888 is a modern classic though and plays equally well. If you really want a yoyo with hubstacks, go for the 888, otherwise, the DV888 is awesome!

Do you like something with hubstacks or no hubstacks?

Why just Dv888 and 888, they are totally different things even thought they are made by the same people. look more closely on other things, like maybe a genisis, hectec, tactic, etc . There is so much more things out there so look at them carefully. And we have no Idea what you kind of yoyos you like so tell us preferences. Shape, sizes, wieght, light or heavy play, diameter, width. So if you tell your preferences that will help us find the perfect yoyo for you.

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If your talking about strictly between the two I would say the 888. There is a reason (other than the hubstacks… shocking I know) The DV888 plays good but is in their fundemetals section. Those yoyos play ok but honestly the protostar plays better than all those yoyos. I would recommend an 888 or a boss.

ok these are my prefferences
3.smooth play
4.long spins
and also i kinda think that the DV888 is almost has a boxy like shape and i like that, im not really sure about the hubstacks. So im kinda leaning more to the DV888 also is there any thing that you thing i should get to kinda upgrade it

Go for the 888. It’s a great yo-yo. Very undersized and long spin times. Alot of people say that its their favorite yoyo. The DV888 wouold be nice but not as nice as an 888. But again its all your choice… Oh ya and thinks you can use to upgrade are KonKave and Center-Trac bearings.

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  1. It’s just the better yoyo.

but it does all come down to preference!!!


The Dv888 is just as good as the 888, infact, I like the Dv888 better. Small price tag, smooth, long spins, epic grinds, and a nice shape and color(s) built to please. I own an 888 my self, it is much floatier on the string, but the Dv888 is much more stable in my opinion. If you want stacks, just buy a PGM. But this is my opinion!

HERE YE HERE YE, I have made my choice THE DV888. Now all I needs to know is where can i find a royal blue (dark blue), because i cant find one anywhere. And also thank you all very much your opinions help out a TON. I really appreciate it alot.Plus this i me first yyf yoyo.


I know you have made your decision. I just want to give my opinion too. Like Born2yoyo said, they both play great. The DV888 IMO is way better because I just hate the 888. I don’t know why either. I can do anything on the 888 that I can the DV888 but I think it sin’t as good. This is the IMO I was talking about.
I’m glad you chose the DV888. You may have been happy with the 888 too. You never know till you try one.

even though i have made me decision, your opinion still help me and i thank you for that. But i still need to know where to find a (new)royal blue(dark blue)one cause i still cant find one anywhere.


man that sounds like a very hard choice ive heard great things about both
let me just start off with this, if you like to grind a lot (thumb grinds) dv888

After doing some research

despite the weight feels as if a little heavy throw
The YYF spec bearing has great spin times
a very stabe yoyo
good size
very wide rims
very original
gap size 4.67 (according to YYE)

small yoyo
steady and smooth
cool design with h caps
thumb grinds are only good when the h caps are off
big gap, good for whipping
tight binds

personally i like the 888 better but this is all research i did i found much more on the dv888 though but if i found more on the 888 i could of found better things cause i know there are. I dont own either of these yoyos though, i found all this info from reviews.