YYF DV888 vs 888?

Which is better, I can get the 888 for £40 now but is it worth it? I can get a DV888 for £25, which would be better?

I’m not a big fan of either, they are way too small.

the 888 was my first high grade yoyo and I loved it. Smaller gap gets you to focus on hitting strings either, super light, super great weight, I love it. was my number one throw for the longest time

Really depends on which 888 you’re getting
07, 08, classic, or 888.11 go for it
if it’s a 888x then go for a dv888

I have played the DV888 and the 888x.
They’re not very alike, the DV888 feels chunky and bulky, is a little big bigger in width and diameter. I really don’t like the flat rims because they will kill the tilt if you land it there.
The 888x is more fun in my opinion and I like it more because the rims are not flat and have a nice organic rounded shape to them. The 888x captures the essence of the past decade’s yoyos while the DV888 is more like a very basic modern yoyo.