888x vs DV888?

Guys, my birthday is coming up soon, and I aske my aunt to get me an 888x. Which is better, this or the dv888? I need to know I made the right choice, haha. (How much they cost is not a factor.)

Honestly I think the dv888, I was SOO surprised last week when I got mine, however I never throw my 888x, and it is dead smooth. (Wanna buy it? lol)

Nahh, thanks, but I have been looking for a mighty flea. You know who might own one?

Anyway thanks for telling me, I know what I want now. :slight_smile:

Mighty Flea is coming back out this year. It is the size of a quarter.

The 888x is a 100 beast metal that out spins and out grinds a DV888.

That’s not saying that a DV888 isn’t good. It’s great! But the 888 will spin longer has hub stacks and comes with replacement string Key bearing pads and axle.

But you get more for 100 bucks.

I would say if you advanced-expert or more to get a 888x.

If you are a intermediate just getting into string tricks and don’t have a metal yet DV888.

But there are tons of more choices in the price range of a DV888.

I’ve owned two 888x’s and two dv888’s, and I can honestly say that I prefer the dv888.

The dv888 doesn’t have quite the same “quality” feel, but in terms of pure performance, the dv888 is superior (in my opinion).

For $100 get something from one drop or if u really want a yyf get a supernova or genesis. You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Nice Username?

Ewwwwww 888x dude don’t get a 888x their bad horrible dont get one

as he said, Ewwwwwwww. dont get yyf. Get a general yo, if you can find one. General yo, yoyorecreation and CLYW are the best.

I know it seems like every thread someone has to do this, but the God Tricks GT is probably one of the best looking yoyos on the market, and from what I’ve heard it’s a phenomenal player.

Do any of you realize that the 888 models were THE yoyo of choice back then?


ORRRR… any of the other very capable yoyos in the YYF lineup.

Hmmm…opinion, opinion, opinion. They’re perfect for some people and not for others.

Besides, if we all liked exactly the same things, life would be boring.

I hate the 888x. Love the Dv888. Honestly, I don’t see why anyone would get an 888 when they could get two better-playing yoyos(Dv888s) for the same price.

Honestly if you were to buy a yoyo with a $100, CODE2!!!

Yeah, a Code2 nautilus is going to be a good choice.

But I think you need to answer this question ARE YOU A BEGINNER ADVANCED OR MASTER

I don’t think that anyone has bothered to mention that other than have “888” in the name, there’s really nothing similar about the 888 an the dv888.

Opinions vary, preferences vary. I have no interest in getting an 888, but that’s my preference and should weigh very little in someone’s decision making process. It’s a good seller and I hear a lot of people compete with it. My preferences aside, those two qualifications tell me it’s got to be pretty good.

The dv888 I find to be ideally priced for what it is and how it plays. Well, maybe not. This isn’t a favorite of mine, but it’s still a good, solid performer that should probably be in most every collection. This yoyo was just kind of boring to me, but others love this little metal yoyo enormously. While it’s definitely small, it could compete, it’s just not an ideal size for that. It also sells fast. It’s priced really well. There’s also great stuff not by YYF in that price range that is metal, so the good news is that your budget has loads of options.

Should you be looking to spend $100, there’s always people who will say “this is better, that is better”. As long as you end up with something you like, who cares what other people say. All I can say is please, if you have the opportunity to try anything that catches your interest before you buy it, please take a little bit of time to play it and see if in fact you do like that model.

If it was me, I have other yoyos that I’d rather spend $100 on. For you, I want you to be able to play an 888 first and see if you like it, that way you’re spending your money wisely. Otherwise, if you take a gamble(as I usually do and win), I hope it pays off in your favor.

You also don’t need to spend $100 to have a great yoyo. The RecRev Facade and Freq.Wav are amazing and shouldn’t be overlooked but they are probably sold out. The C3 DiBase, Halo and Capless come in at low prices and gigantic performance, and the Trident, well, wow… loving this one a lot! There’s plenty of other models, but those are just a few. YYE has a gigantic selection so your odds of finding something are very strong.

Whatever you do, don’t rush in. Evaluate everything everyone says. Then, interpret those results to see how they mesh with how you play and what you like in a yoyo as far as shape, size, features and weight distribution. If you need to contact people directly to ask more information on a model or models, then do so! Take your time. $100 is a lot of money so spend it very wisely.