YoYoFactory 888 VS DV888???!!

Which is better, I can get the 888 for £40 now but is it worth it? I can get a DV888 for £25, which would be better?

What version of the 888? There are many different variants, wall heights, small or large bearing etc. also hubstacks make everything better :slight_smile:

it was just the original with hubstacks

I think he’s taking about the 888x. Honestly, there are so many better throws out there besides the Dv888 and the 888x. Seriously.

Duncan Torque
C3 Accelerator
Horizon…. etc.

Couldn’t have said it better, these 2 yoyos can’t really compete with what yoyofactory has to offer at way less than the price of the 888x. If you are looking to expand your collection from the One which your profile says is your favorite yoyo, go for any of the yoyofactory budgets, they’ll knock your socks off.