888 help

So I’m saving up for a yoyo. The 888 caught my eye. Is it really that good or is it just a dv888 with hubstacks to make it sell. It looks really cool but really, what level does it play at. Are there any cheaper yoyos that play better?

Ummm, no. The 888 series actually precedes the DV888 by a few years. I believe it was their first hubstacked model as I recall.

 What year 888 are you looking at? From YYE, I recommend getting the 888 .11, not the 888x. If you can find an '07, all the better. The 888 is NOT just a hubstacked DV888. They are totally different designs. I would say that the 888 .11 is worth the cash, but the 888x is not. 
 The One Drop Code 1 and Code 2 are cheaper than the 888 .11 and are better in my opinion. 
 By the way, this is the wrong section. Put it in the looking for help/recommendations section for future reference.  :)

The 888 was the second hubstack yoyo ever released. It is one of the most popular metal yoyos of all-time. The dv888 doesn’t have the blasted finish or hubstacks so it costs less to produce and sells for a lower price.
Yoyofactory offer a very broad range of high performance quality yoyos. Make sure you check out Superstar also as a feature packed proven performer.

 Like Ben said, the Superstar is great, and one of my favorites. The '07 888 is probably in my list of top 10 Yoyos. It's so smooth...

 The DNA is one of my all time favorites. The DNA is basically a full size 888, and is great for grinding and is super awesome. The stacks don't add any vibe and the yoyo is very versatile. I would look into the DNA.