dv888 or eight8eight?

whats the “better” yoyo, dv888, or eight8eight

oviously the 888 i dont think they would make a $100 worse that a $60 throw but the DV888 is still amazing :smiley:

it wouldd depend more on your preferences the 888 is rounded butterfly while the dv888 ismore of a v shape

Depends if you want stability or speed.
If you want stability, get the DV888
Speed, 888.
I’ve tried both and this is what I have to say about it…

DV888 was the first “stable” metal yoyo i’ve tried (high percentage of weight on rims) and it feels really floaty. I personally do not like it. But it is very stable and long spin times. Somewhat fast too.

  1. Speed. This was my first metal yoyo and first 1A yoyo. It is really fast, but stability is not one of it’s fortes. The 888 always seems to tilt with the slightest brush against the walls. I can get about 3 minutes with this (using the hubstacks to tilt the yoyo back straight when it tilts to the sides)…
    The 888 is also really smooth. Of course the only two metal yoyo’s I’ve ever tried were this and the DV888, but the 888 is definitely smoother than the DV888. You can’t even tell it’s spinning!

PS…I’m getting my Jensen Kimmitt Superstar either Thursday or Friday! I CAN’T WAIT!!! ;D ;D

Floaty is an opinion. I haven’t felt the DV being the least bit “floaty”. It is solid and stable as a rock. I can recomend the DV 100%. I have thrown 888s but I never really got the time to aquire an opinion on their play. They are very different yoyos. The only things they share that aren’t obvious like being metal and being made by YYF is the name. Either would be a very good choice.

I think it’s all about preference!
Both are really good throws and you can’t go wrong.
If you like Hubstacks take the 888, otherwise the DV.

yeah i got mine yesterday there pretty sweet

The DV888 plays like a brick
The 888 plays floaty and light as a feather

The DV888 has a very angular shape
The 888 has a more rounded shape

both are the same size

888 has hubstacks
dv888 does not

888 has a higher quality metal/anno/etc.

The Dv888 is very stable
The 888 tilts easier

If you are going for a budget throw, get the DV888.
If you want a really high quality throw for more cash, get the 888

take your pick

888 2010 version is really good!!
but the dv888 is still good!
master at 5a!!!

yeah if your a beginner or even advance i’d still reccomend the DV888 because its a great yoyo


well you said best so i think the imperial would be the best. it is really cheep and isn’t bad… oh wait, you want something that is better to your preferences? ok why didn’t you say so?

seriously, the word best is opinionated. never use it. even with “”.

but for what you are asking, i have used both Dv888 and an 888x. in no ways was the 888x fast. it felt like a brick to me, and it was incredibly tilty. i loved my dv888 and i regret trading it. it never tilted.

thx, I went with the 888, its amazing. ;D

yah i know
wait, the 2010 version

most likely since they dont sell others on this site unless for trade

That pretty much says it all


in my opinion would be the dv888 really good yoyo for its price

the 888 is really good for a lot of stuff and really good price for it

The Jensen Kimmitt Superstar sucks. Get a G5.