Thoughts on DV888

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What are you opinions on the DV888?


The DV888 is a great low-end metal. It is undersized and it feels pretty heavy on the string. Grinds are good, but thumb grinds are GREAT with it. Don’t let anybody tell you that it STINKS. Because it doesn’t. It would be a great addition to your collection.

Honestly, I think the deciding factor is whether or not you like the shape and specs. If you like the look of it according to those two things, go for it.

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I like the look. I’m looking for an undersized. Is it vibey?


Love it. Have 2 one is beat to snot and still smooth.

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It was my first metal, but when I was looking for a first metal, it was slim pickings especially in it’s price range. Now I believe you can get better yoyos for the money. It’s good, but there are better, like the Capless, DiBase, etc.


So you’re allowed to preach how amazing it is, but you won’t let us tell him why we dislike it? That’s flawed logic.

Personally, I found it to be way to heavy on the string, but if you’re in to solid throws, then you may like it. For me, it was just way too dense. Thumb grinds are okay; you can do them, they just aren’t spectacular.

For that price range, I feel you’d be better off getting something else, maybe a high end plastic, such as the Yeti, Rally, Crazy D, or The V. The C3 Di Base 2 is probably one of the best yoyos in a similar price range to the DV888, and I find it to play much better. If you want a metal, I’d spring for the Di Base 2.

If you’re in to average, heavy, solid throws, the DV888 is perfect. It’s certainly not bad, I just didn’t enjoy it. And to answer your question, it’s pretty smooth. Not the smoothest out there, but there really isn’t a bad vibe or anything.

Note: Please don’t mistake this for YYF hate. I like a lot of their throws, just not this one.

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Good or bad, just tell me how you really feel. (About the DV888 )


Can’t agree more with big cat. I didn’t like it very much. Its not extremely terrible or anything, I love yyf. But it feels like a rock on a string. Way to solid. Go for a di base/di base 2. I held one today and it was smaller than I thought.

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Haha, why do you need to bump a post that was recently posted in? It was on the top half of the first page, right? No hate, just a question, it is your thread anyway. :slight_smile:

I’d just go ahead and get the Di Base 2. You won’t regret it!


but it’s not super undersized… I agree though. You can get a token if you want small

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In the mobile app it looked like it was way down. It’s whatever though. No hate, just an answer.

Seems like most people say Di-Base over DV888. How’s the token play?


Why the sarcasm?

The Token is a great value for its cost. Even though it’s a pocket throw, it plays like a much larger throw-- It doesn’t feel like a rock on a strong like a lot of pocket throws. It’s also great for honing your accuracy. Keep in mind though, it is a small yoyo, even smaller then these other two choices. I’d just get the Di Base 2.

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My parents say that a lot. But it’s whatever though. JK

Just got really bad news. Sorry if I took my frustrations out on you.


Haha, it’s not a problem at all. I know just how you feel, and I wish you the best of luck in dealing with/sorting out whatever has occurred. Stuff happens, and your response wasn’t even mean. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I apologize for sounding like your parents. We all know how annoying that can get… :smiley:

Have you decided on which one you’re going to get, or are you still waiting for other opinions?

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Still waiting for more discussion. Still considering the DV888. But the current front runner is Di-Base 2. I’ve heard many reasons to not get DV888 but few reasons to get Di-Base2.

Thanks for the thoughtful response btw.


I liked the Capless over the DiBase2 personally. The feel on the string was great, really unique solidity, with a touch of light float.


I find the Token DOES have the “rock on a string” thing going on. That doesn’t mean I don’t love it. It’s a really fun yoyo. There’s a time for some density, and that time is when your throw is undersized or mini, and you need to bring it up to weight. Fun yoyo! Not terribly stable due to small size. The dv888 sounds like a better choice if you want more of an all-arounder; much as I love the Token it’s almost a novelty throw.






YYF 2.0.? Never tried it but it looks pretty cool.