new throw recommendations


Okay, so I’m looking for a new throw around the price range of $70 and I would like it to be between full sized and undersized (closer to undersized maybe), Any recommendations? If you guys need any more information about it just comment ;D



Top bad you aren’t spending more. The 54 would be perfect but at $30 more than your budget, it’s not going to be within your grasp.


Oscillatrix would be perfect :slight_smile: You can have mine for $60 shipped as well! Mint and is the YYE splash edition. If ya don’t want a used one i still recommend it. So amazing :smiley:


I’m willing to spend more if needed ;D


Cool, could you maybe try and hold it for me?


And it’s out of stock. lol


well that’s still okay, 'cause that wasn’t in my price range anyway


oh and what about something like a DV888, or a Yuuksta (anything close to those), because I’m still a beginner


could just get a DM2 and a DV888 for $80?


That’s what I did and I’m very happy I chose that route. Dm2 is great for learning while I believe the dv888 is a better overall performer and feels more advanced. If your willing to spend the money go for it :slight_smile: I recommend it.


I can’t say I disagree with a DM2 and a dv888 but with the OP starting a budget of $70 and shipping an extra $5.95, now he’s $16 over budget(OK, $15.95).

Not that this is a bad idea. I have a DM2, and just ordered a DV888

But, the one thing that I always wonder is “are they listing total budget or yoyo only budget”. Shipping, strings, lube and replacement responses are often overlooked items.


how about OD Cafe Racer, I it is only 60$, or Di Base, I heard these are great metal yoyo for your budget



The Di Base looks spectacular, and I have heard nothing but good things about it. Same goes for the Cafe Racer. I personally despise the DV888, and hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

I’d recommend scoping out the BST, if you trust it, you can score some killer deals.


I got a CafeRacer a little while ago, and it’s right up there with my favorite yoyo’s. It’s not the most stable yoyo, but it’s smooth, fun, and easy like Sunday morning.


Could you elaborate that? Why do you despise it?


I’d like to hear this too.

I’ve heard mixed things about it. I just bought one and am waiting for it to arrive. I’m sure I’ll like it though, but I’d like to hear why he’s not liking this yoyo. We’re all entitled to our preferences and opinions.


I guess I found it, hmm, boring. It didn’t seem to have any life to it. It’s hard for me to explain. I typically like full-sized, floaty yoyos. I also don’t normally like undersized, so that is another mark against it in my book. On a plus, though, the two I’ve played were hella smooth. I love the pricepoint, and I know many searching for their first metal do, too.

So, in summary, it’s good yoyo, I just don’t like it.


I feel the same. It’s a good, but not great yoyo. It was the first metal yoyo that I tried out, and at first I thought it was fantastic (which it was compared to the other yoyo’s I had tried, Velocity, Legacy, Fast201). But then I tried other metal yoyo’s and liked them much more. I will often borrow one of my boys’ Raptors and have fun throwing it around. But I never feel the need to grab the DV888.


While a negative, I am responding to this only to help highlight that a lot that has to do with yoyo has to do with personal preferences. In this case, it appears that the dv888, while liked by many, isn’t liked by everyone. But that can be said for a good many yoyos. Right here, I think we are seeing a yoyo that just wasn’t a good fit for the user. This can happen to anyone regarding any yoyo

I advise people to read both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE reviews regarding yoyos. For some of us, these aren’t expensive items. For others, it can represent a price that involved a lot of work to save up in order to acquire. Read the reviews and see how the information presented pertains to you and your preferences. This won’t guarantee a perfect match in all cases, but at least you can come in with some sort of degree of expectation.


Looking at the Di Base, I would have got that as well. I’ve heard from many friends that it plays awesome. I use to own a DV888 as well, and it was indeed sort of bland. There’s more to choose
for the price. I honestly like my Protostar a lot more than the DV888 and it’s a great plastic.