New Throw, Possibly Metal, Please Help


I need help selecting a new throw.

I’m currently using a YYF WHiP to learn tricks on and I’ve noticed that a major issue that I’m having is a lack of sleep time. I know that’ll get better as I get better at throwing, even though I throw quite hard now. I’ve also read that a heavier yoyo will cause longer sleep times. With this in mind, I’m thinking that it’s time for an upgrade. I also have the issue of not having too much extra spending money.

I’ve been suggested the YYF DV888, as it’s a cheap metal throw.

A few other things:

  • I do not care about the brand. I’m too much of a noob to be a brand loyalist.
  • I want a butterfly shape as I want to focus on string tricks. I’m not too into specific shapes such as “h” and “v”, etc.
  • I’m looking for an unresponsive yoyo. I may consider a semi-responsive one, but I’d much rather not.
  • I want to stay in the <$60 range due to money restrictions.
  • I’d really like a metal throw but I’m not entirely set on it.

So, any suggestions? Please provide reasoning as to your suggestion if you’re willing to do so. Thank you!



Something Anglam seems to fit your preferences, very cheap too


If you want to go budget, there are plenty of awesome plastics out there, such as the YYJ surge that just came out among others.

And let’s not forget about Delrin. Some of there best stuff out there, and you shouldn’t have trouble finding something that fits your budget.

If you ask me, in that price range, you’re generally better off with a high-end plastic than a low-end metal.


C3 Dibase or Dibase2 are 55$, one of the most awesomest budget yoyo that plays 3x their price. So I reccommed you get either of these fine yoyos.


Anything Duncan. Duncan is awesome and no one knows it.


Here are a some options that would be great for you:

Duncan Raptor*, Echo, or Strix
Yomega Dash*
YYF DV888*, G-Funk, Nova (this one is $5 above your price range, and also the non-CC G-Funk has the same price)
YYJ Theory* (this one is $2 above your price range)
OD Cafe Racer

*means I own this yoyo

Honestly, my current favorite of the ones that I have is the Raptor (which I just got), not to mention it is only $40. The Theory is also very nice, but quite a bit more expensive. The DV888 is really good too, no matter what all the haters say about it. The Dash might not be good for you, because it basically plays like a not-as-good version of the Raptor.

And as for the other ones, they are all (except the Echo) on my wishlist.

Hope this helped!

BTW, just so you know for future reference, this type of thread would go in the “Looking for Help/Recommendation” section.


The raptor is an EXCELLENT yoyo, and not just for it’s price. Pure joy to play with, very organic shape and brilliantly versatile. However, the rims are a little sharp, which can make it a little frustrating for beginners (I’ve banged my knuckles a few times - not fun!)

Any cheaper C3 metal (might wanna stay away from the token - it’s a mini!) is going to be excellent and top of the line in terms of performance. Look for the one that looks best to you and go with it.

The YYJ theory is great, but slight above your budget. But if you’re willing to toss out a few extra dollars, it does have lateral caps pressed onto the side for finger spins.


Sorry, I wasn’t aware of this. I’ll be more careful next time.

After looking into your suggestions, I’m gonna go with Dibase2. Thank you for your time, everyone!


Really Apollo?
Btw, the something anglam is like $300…
I’d say raptor, its a really good yoyo, the dv888 isn’t butterfly shape… The raptor is :slight_smile: it has caps, which change the weight by a couple grams, which can make a ware, the runs are sharp, not lie your going to cut yourself by touching them, their just sharp.

I’d get the raptor… Im thinking about adding one to my collection. The di base 2 (or 1) is really great, and its $55. If you wanna save up, the capless is amazing and $65.Umm, also people seem to like the echo. Never tried one though

So in the end, if you want cheaper, go with the Duncan raptor. If your looking for something more expensive, that will last you till your like advanced part 2. Maybe more if you take good care of it, go with the c3 di base. Or save up for an amazing throw : c3 capless. Good luck :slight_smile:


What acid wash are you gonna get?


Yes it certainly is. Any ‘flared out’ design is considered butterfly shape.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Di base 2. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Make sure to pick up some spare pads.


Another one falls to the Aluminum menace. But Delrin shall live on!
Jk, enjoy your Dibase. Metal yoyos are the bomb.


C3 dibase 2, Ive heard a lot of great things about it… But I haven’t tried it… I have tried a dm2, protostar, and delrin severe and they are all solid choices as well… I wouldn’t recommend the dv888 as it has mixed impressions, half of the prople like it, the other half dont… But the wide majority do like what Ive mentioned above, so they are safe choices.


I knew somebody was going to say that :slight_smile:
When somebody says butterfly, I think of the raptor shale, I think of dv888 as v or h. And why would there be a name for h shape if all shapes are butterfly??!


I went with red/black. It looked the best to me, and it’ll go well with my black string.

How fast do they wear out? Will I be fine with the starting pads for awhile?


You can keep them for a while. I just changed the pads on my supernova, and I’ve had it for about 2 months. And that splah looks super cool. I want one!!


Butterfly is an umbrella term for V, H, organic, stepped, etc. Butterfly is the opposite of the other umbrella term “imperial”, which has words like modified under it (I really know very little about looping yoyos).

Depends on much you play and what kind of tricks you do. For me, the most I can get out of a pair is about 50 hours of play before I consider the binds too slippy, but I have much higher standards for binds and a play style that demands tigher binds than most people. Many are able to milk out month after month of play out of a single pair.

For a beginner, I’d advice picking up two or three extra pads to go with your yoyo, as well as an extra 100 pack of strings (if you’re don’t have string already). That’ll keep you going for quite some time.


Think of it like this: Car is a generic term used to describe certain motor vehicles. There are many different types of cars, such as SUV’s, Minivans, and Sportcars, just like their are many kinds of yoyo shapes, like Organic, H, and V. The Raptor is an Organic shape. Hopefully I didn’t butcher that too badly.

Oh yes, and to whoever said the Di Base (or maybe they were talking about the Raptor, the paragraph was very hard to understand) will only get them to Advanced Part 2, any of the yoyos we’ve discussed (Raptor, Di Base 1 or 2, DV888, Capless) will easily allow you to do Master level tricks, so you shouldn’t worry about having to buy a new one just to complete the trick list.

As for the DV888, I feel it is way too dense, it almost feels like a brick on a string, just like the Popstar, but some people swear by the DV888, so…


I like to be specific I guess :slight_smile:

And I meant he/she would probably get it dinged up a bunch, and when I get a really dinged up, I dont like it to be my main throw sometimes… And if I had a yoyo that I used through part of beginner, intermediate,andanced,and adnaced part 2, I would get a new one XD

And I hated the dv888…