Need a new main throw


I’m fairly new to yoyoing and currently own a yyf velocity, yyf whip and a yomega raider. I’m looking for a metal throw that you guys think is a good throw like I said I’m still new to yoyoing so I don’t really have any preferences yet I’m looking to spend under $65 but I am willing to spend more if necessary I was looking at the yyf czm8 as well as the Yoyofficer hatchet. What do you think of those?


Haven’t played either but they both strike me as highly capable yoyos for not an excessive amount of money. Pick the one you like the look of and I’m sure you’ll be happy. :slight_smile:


do you have any other suggestions instead of those?


What he likes might not be what you would prefer. Honestly most yoyos are perfectly capable these days. You’ll just have to try some to figure out what you like. Without knowing what you look for in a yoyo it’s near impossible to make a suggestion


Budget metals worthy of consideration:

Werrd-86400 (large but fun), minute (smaller but fun)
YYF-Too Hot, Shutter, CZM8
Onedrop- Benchmark (would choose between h and v)
C3-Level 6
Magicyoyo- N12 (Best price)

Along with almost all the yoyofficer line and recrev line. Of course you have the recrev octave which is probly their most popular throw and the musket seems to be gaining a good amount of popularity as well from YYO.

There’s also some great budget plastics such as:
YYF-Northstar, protostar
Something-Addiction, Crazy D
YYR-New Diffusion


I understand that I’m just looking for suggestions of what you think is a good yoyo


All I can say is that the Werrd Minute is probably the best $50 retail I’ve spent on a yoyo.


The Hatchet is an excellent choice! I love mine! :wink:

The Yoyofficer Lava is great, and the Musket looks to be pretty good, too. Also, the Recrev Octave looks very intriguing. I might get one soon…


Honestly, most budget metals made by YoYoOfficer are amazing! They are great for their price. Beside those, I would recommend the Shutter, also.


So I’ve narrowed it down to the yyo hatchet, the yyf shutter and the yyo musket what do you guys suggest between them? I’m also looking for suggestions for pocket sized throws.


The Shutter is amazing (I own one), but to me the Hatchet fits my preferences more. I haven’t used a Musket, but if it plays as well as it’s been hyped up to be, then it would be a great choice, too. So far I have a Hatchet and a Kilter from Yoyofficer and I’ve played the Lava and Jaeger, and I’ve realized that you can’t go wrong with their line of products.


ok cool do you happen to have any pocket sized throw suggestions?


Only one: The Werrd Minute.

It’s the best undersized throw.


In the “Budget Metal” price point I have heard alot of good things about the Shutter, Czm84vk, Too HOT. Add $10-$15 and I would go for a One Drop Benchmark in a solid color, those are AWESOME and if you dont like the weight then you can always change with side effects that cost around $10 instead of getting a new yoyo.

I would say if you are buying new then to spend the extra $10-$15 on a “Budget Metal” like a Shutter, Czk84vk, or Too HOT instead of getting something like a Protostar, Northstar, Rally. Not that they arent bad yoyos at all but it seems like you dont have alot of throws and it would be worth the money to get a full metal, if you know how to play unresponsive that is.

I have heard good things about the new YYR Diffusion also, but if I were you I would either go for 1 of the 3 YYF’s I listed or if you have $60 then get a Benchmark, Im getting a V in the mail today, I would say either get a V or an H for added spin time.

There is always the option that I did and get some throws off of BST, especily if you dont care about the condition…

When I was new to the scene I was going to buy a DV888 for $45 + shipping, then I took a look on the BST and got an AWESOME 1st run Beadblasted Superstar for $30 SHIPPED!! Just because there was some wear on the rims, but it was still DEAD SMOOTH, and if you arent planning on keeping your throws in perfect condition then you might as well get one for less money that has a few marks. (the YYF Shutter, Czk4vk and Too HOT I would say to get new unless you find a really good deal, just because they wont be much off the retail price because they are newer models)

If you are looking on the BST I would say look for something like a Genesis (Hubstacked Genesis+ I have seen for $30 mint!), Supernova (2012 version in 6061 w some dings you can get for $30-40).

One more throw that I would 100% recommend is the One Drop Burnside, it spins FOREVER, and it great for learning new tricks, super stable and probably the throw I take with me everywhere. Retail on those are $85 for solids and up to $115 (I think) for splashes/nickel plated. However I got one off the BST with a couple dings for $30 shipped! Its solid colorway and unengraved, but its probably one of my best playing throws that plays better than some that I have paid 5X as much!

I would say to scope out the BST, you always get more bank for your buck!

If you need help finding a good throw on the BST or just have any questions feel free to ask me on here or PM me man =).


I’m trying to stay away from the b/s/t simply because I don’t have a lot of money for new throws and like to keep my stuff in good condition because of that.


To each their own, some people dont like BST while others do =). Excluding new models and CLYW, you can get the same yoyo with a couple of scuffs for around 60% of the retail price, sometimes more, sometimes less. Depends on what people are looking for also, I used to buy from the site and realized that I could get almost double the throws by buying off BST, and that way when I got a ding or scratch on them I didnt care as much as I did when they were brand new also! =)

Good luck man let us know what you end up getting =).

PS: Was looking on YYE Shop, YoyOfficer Kilter for $30!! That seems like an awesome budget metal, maybe get one of those and then a Onestar or something like that for outside, that way you can keep your metals in good condition and take the Onestar with you and not have to worry about it? $15.50 for the “upgraded center trac bearing” version, that is like if you bought the bearing you get the actual yoyo for less than 5 bucks. The Kilter and Onestar are def one of the best deals on YYE shop imo.


I think I’m going to end up getting a yyo hatchet. I’ve heard great things about it and it just looks like a great throw overall. Now I’m just looking for a good cheap undersized throw so I can place my order do you have any suggestions?


I can only imagine that you’ll love the Hatchet. I’ve heard great things.

cheap undersized? Tough call. If you really just want something small and fun, you could do worse than the C3 Token. It plays a bit like a rock, but it’s good fun. There are also a couple of Fit (another YYO yoyo) left in stock. Never played one of those but it looks good.

For a true “pocket” carry, you actually want something narrow moreso that something with small diameter. The only cheap one that comes to mind is the YoyoFactory POPstar.


have you ever personally thrown the pop star to the token? Ive pretty much narrowed it down to those two and I’ve heard mixed reviews about both.


Check out the recrev neaue