120$ to spend. What should I get.

I would like only metal and something that is awesome. Please help

We can’t really help you unless you tell us what you look for in a yoyo. But you should just pick something, all yoyos in that price range are awesome. If you still can’t pick check out the Irony, Code 1, Dang.

I would like something over 67 grams. I have to many light throws.

Spit-d Johnny 5 edition.

What about the bvm or superstar.

Try an ILoveYoYo Liopleuridon.

Oh and I’m also not a huge fan of small bearing yoyos. C size is the best. I feel with the small bearings it fells like there is all of weight is in one spot.

Wait for the General-Yo Entheos. 8)

i tried an avalanche the other day and i think well i think im in love!

any xcube, if you want exceptional, try and find a steamroller

You should probably get a yoyo. That’s just my opinion.

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Dang dang dang dang dang. Dangalang

Wow lots of different ideas.

Can’t go wrong on the latter half.

I know this is not the place - but I would think twice about the Regulus. I had one. It is the only yoyo I have ever sent back to the vendor.

Because the stock response is too thick for the response seat - the yoyo is almost impossible to throw straight. Somewhere on the breakaway - your string will catch on the protruding response and cause a tilt or wobble. If that does not get you - the placement of the steel rings on the very edge of the rims means that this yoyo precesses (rotates about the string) more than any other I have used. Other than that - I will say that it is a good-looking yoyo if you are into that sort of thing.

If you want to spend your money wisely - save $10 more and get a CLYW Chief.

Unless there is another run…forget getting a Chief.

And if there is another run…you better be ready to order the SECOND that timer runs out.

I already suggested the Superstar…

Let me give you an addendum to my previous statement.

Consider the Avalanche and Sasquatch as well.

All three are amazing players; integral to any serious throwers collection.

Konkave plus silicon=best yoyoever.


I wasn’t all that impressed with the Regulus I played.

I vote Avalanche. I agree on the hard-to-come-by factor with the Chief, if you want one, you’ll need to be quick.

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