looking for a good undersized throw

title says it all. this is for my xmas gift. any suggestions? i was thinking the dietz. ive thrown it once and liked it but i need some more throw time with it to feel for it more.

edit: i also am a big fan of the h-shape. :slight_smile: (doesnt have to be that shape though)

I am very very very VERY pleased with my Dietz. As you can see it’s my favorite throw! If you like undersized and hybrid shapes you won’t be disappointed. The only negative thing I can say about it is that its not very forgiving on a bad throw, but that just forces you to correct any mistakes on your throw. Practice makes perfect. Seriously though, look up reviews on it. No bad marks.

Mighty Flea. It doesn’t get more undersized than that!

Warning, this is not an easy yoyo to use. Be prepared for challenge. That’s why I have it. I can barely use it. Can’t wait to get some mad skills!

3yo3 omnicron x. possibly the best undersized throw i’ve ever used

agreed ;D the big deal is a great, seriously undersized throw too… with hub stacks ::slight_smile:

I really like my Yuuksta and it’s undersized.

Personally I really disliked the yuuksta because it didn’t spin long and is very unstable.

I would recomend (becuase I have used them) the skyline, dietz, and (if you don’t mind wide) the pro. Great yoyos, all of them.

They are a lot of mix feelings for the yuuksta. I had 2 and both suprisingly played dfferently in terms of vibe and smoothness. Im holding one now as i type this :). I recently got a skywalker, solaris, and recrev I aswell. I have no complaints for the yuuksta except that it slowly tilts when i throw a sleeper and just leave it. But it’s just good fun using this yoyo and i can overlook it’s flaws :). This is just my opinion on this yoyo.
Now a days we also have a very wide range of china manufactured yoyos that play absolutely AMAZING. If you would like to save on cost, get one :). I have a Auldey Luminous a.k.a light bringer. And it just plays so well. Awesome enough to compete with the other metals out there.

Bye everyone :slight_smile:

I Think you should buy the Dietz, it looks like a very good throw and it has side effects too. Or for lower budget, get the yuuksta, I have one and it is just great, and throw in a 10 ball bearing in it, it will be way smoother.

To quote myself…

Seriously, The regulus should be the top of the hype train. People think the idea of steel rims on aluminum yoyo is cool? GET THE REGULUS! I will be writing a very in depth review later.

I think the weight rings are necessary to get the weight to 66 grams, considering all other factors in it’s size. That’s probably how it gets that spin. I can’t wait to read the review.

It seems a bit on the expensive side for what teh OP was after, but hey, a recommendation is a recommendation. I might consider this for a future purchase.

Look at the Markmont. Next. Yoyoexpert just recently restocked them. Also, check out the Ilyy Sakura. The thing is a beast.

markmont.next is a great and likeable throw
dietz, obviously
yuuksta, dv888 are also nice
if you’re after something else, try and find a werrd pacquiao (49g performer)

i have a dv888. honestly its starting to feel like a rock on a string. i want something super floaty and stable, yet also undersized.

Most people say that it is unstable and doesn’t sleep long enough, but I absolutely love the Wooly Marmot. I’d say that it is probably tied for my favorite undersized throw with the Messiah. The Wooly is essentially a baby Peak, so it is very floaty and fun to play. The most recent run had a few grams added to them, and I think that they are a bit more stable and have a hair more spin time. The downside would probably be availability, I don’t see them in stock anywhere.

Just my two cents.

Get a Yoyorecreation Messiah, 6, E=mc2, or Blink.

what about the bvm? ive heard a lot of people say its really heavy but ive also heard an equal if not more amount of people say its floaty.

I love my BvM, I wouldn’t say it’s heavy, but I wouldn’t call it floaty either. It is very agile despite how solid it plays. It is definitely a very powerful throw.

I have to agree with that assessment. It’s a great player. I don’t think it’s floaty, but it certainly isn’t heavy. I enjoy it a lot.