Undersized, $80.


All my throws are full sized (DMII, Protostar) so im looking for an undersized throw.

(PutridNebula) #2

Well what kind of things do you prefer? Like Shape, Weight, Response, etc.


I like the yoyos to play lighter, shape doesn’t really matter, if by response you mean unresponive/responsive, then unresponsive, if you mean different responses, then i havent really tried enough to have formed a preference.


Get a Yuuksta I have one and there AMAZING for their price

(Mi) #5

Get a Yoyojam Atmosphere.

(laxdude99) #6

I would go with the yuuksta or mayhem both are great players

The yuuksta plays faster than the mayhem but weighs more


If you wanna have a fun time
then buy a big deal or a Mighty Flea

(Mi) #8

Or you can not and say you did.

(PutridNebula) #9

You know what, I have NEVER recommended one of these to anyone before but I think you will enjoy it, a Shinwoo Hi-Power Zen (Not the Zen 2 or Zen3) These are mid-sized, and without the weight rings, it plays real light and fast, throw the weight rings back in and you have a slightly heavier fast playing throw, I actually miss mine :smiley: It got screwed up in the mail >.<. It is a low cost metal that plays pretty well. I know you can’t buy them here but Yoyonation might have some, or maybe YoyoGuy, I would link to them but thats against the rules here so check it out on your own.

(yoyo jake) #10

yyj axiom its undersized and 63 grams


String theory remant best undersized light yoyo in my preferences

(Mi) #12

Or you can get two undersized high quality plastics. Vict and Atmosphere.


Im sorry, but what is the vict?


I’m pretty sure vict = X- convict


That would make sense, thank you.

(Mi) #16

That would be correct.