Undersized Throws


What do you guys like? I’m seeing a bunch of favorites out there, just curious what you’d recommend from what’s CURRENTLY IN STOCK at YYE.

Also, do they make both responsive and unresponsive undersized throws? If so, can you name one of each?


(ClockMonsterLA) #2

The Confusion GT is a nice little undersized responsive metal throw.


Let’s scratch responsives from the list. I just took delivery of my OD Deep State and it’s perfect sized, as far as I’m concerned. Now just looking for a similarly sized, maybe even smaller, and preferably a bit more wedge-shaped, unresponsive that’s in stock at YYE. Looking to make a purchase today.


(Choncworth) #4

One Drop Rebirth


Believe it or not I LOVE Magicyoyo Locus with an unresponsive bearing. Same size as DV888 but much more comfortable in my hand and a total joy to play and it’s very cheap! Edit / add on: inexpensive…2 weeks after getting it and it’s my most played next to YYF Horizon Ultra


You can find an undersized and just put an unresponsive bearing in it if it does not come with one.


Do you mean small, or slightly undersized? The gold standard for small yoyos is the General Yo Mini-Star 2… but I see it’s out of stock at YYE now. I think it’s still in stock elsewhere on the intertubes.

As for mildly undersized there are a bunch that are good, kind of a different category… basically you want a 2010-size yoyo, as yoyos definitely got bigger in the last 8 years.


You know, I’m honestly not sure. I’d like something a little smaller than the Deep State. Something that fits in a pocket easily so I won’t look like I’m carrying around a baseball, but that still plays well and can do some of the stuff the bigger ones can.


If your going for tiny you can’t go wrong with the Yoyofactory heist.

(ClockMonsterLA) #10

What about the 66% Shutter?


Ehhh I would not recommend the heist to anyone who isn’t at least at intermediate skill level. Feel kinda strongly about that, too. The SUPER tiny yo-yos (made of steel, brass, etc) are very much an acquired taste and on top of that they require a solid skill baseline.


Good point @codinghorror. It still a fun throw though😁


The @DocPop Bolt2 would be my core recommendation for 2010-sized yoyo. You can play it responsive or unresponsive, just switch out for a slim bearing if you want responsive!

(Mash Mastar) #14

Migthy Flea is a really undersized throw! Hahaha!


Yeah… definitely mighty flea

(Mk1 Yoyos) #16

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Parlay (53.6mm x 40.3mm)

and the Siren V2 (53mm x 41mm)

… but I haven’t tried either, though I trust the folks that recommended them to me.

I personally have a C3 Token (47.3mm x 35.2mm):

It’s really portable but unstable and unforgiving, though not so much as something like the Heist. It is very small.

I’d recommend the Snack but it’s out of stock unless you want to buy two of them at once. (50.8mm x 38.95mm)


Best of the best. True undersized. Such an amazing yoyo, if you want an actual undersized yoyo that you can carry around this is the one.

(Ken) #18

66 percent throws look rly nice


If you mean slightly undersized, then hands down my favorite is the Parley. It’s one of my all time favorites of any size!

Everyone should have a Flea!

I was going to give the Masamini props, but I see it’s unavailable.


The 66% yo-yos are great if you want something really small, but yo-yos that size come with a bit of a learning curve. I would say the same for the Executive too - Great yo-yo, but takes some time to get used to a yo-yo that size.

Top of my list for slightly smaller yo-yos would be the Pickaxe:

Also take a look at the One Drop Parlay, Radical Seas Siren V2, Recess Snack, & TopYo Photon. If you want to go more high end then check out the Yoyorec Sputnik, Something Slasher, & Turning Point RT.