Undersized Throws


I have to say I super did not care for the Executive. The others listed (Snack, Token, Siren, Parlay) are excellent though.

Also seconding the Photon via @YoYoExpertGarrett, it is one of my favorite “slightly undersized” yoyos… but I like 'em wide :wink:


Compared with most yoyos today, the one’s you listed I guess are considered undersized. But just a few years ago those were all normal sizes. I still think of yoyos in the mid 40mm’s and smaller being undersized.

I’ve owned a ton of undersized yoyos, and by far I feel the best playing is the Executive. Super balanced, isn’t vibey.

What didn’t you like about the Exec?

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The 66% Sleipnir and the 66% Barracuda are both $85. Is there anything that makes one an obvious choice over the other?


Yeah I was wondering the same. I’ve always considered “undersized” to be 50-52ish mm give or take. Well, that is once undersized stopped being “normal” sized. Below that I’ve always thought of it being pocket throw territory.
Edit: Also, I wouldn’t even consider the flea a pocket throw. It’s in some kind of novelty category, although you could carry it if you wanted I suppose


Just preference really. The Barracuda was my favorite out of the 66% yo-yos so far, but they all play really well considering the size of them.



Basically what happened is that modern yo-yos got so big over time that “2010 sized” became the new undersized.


yeah definately

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Mighty Flea


Yeah that’s what I was saying, that would make 50mm (+/-) undersize

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I wonder if there is a market for a 40/50/60 design (40mm wide, 50mm diam, 60g), with a gap width of around 4.3mm and a shape like the Pickaxe, or maybe the Parlay. All the “undersized” throws out there right now are either a touch too big or a touch too small for what I’d like from an undersized, unresponsive EDC throw.


Get an 888 and remove the hubstacks. That’ll be close to the 40/50/60.


I agree, if your skill level is not there then you might not be able to fully get the most out of it?


I consider anything under that as undersized and it’s my personal preference.


Good point; hubstacks are quite heavy. You kinda can’t have a low center weight yoyo if hubstacks are involved.


I’d recommend The Gamer if you’re looking for something that’s “deep state” like for carrying around. It comes with a case, two bearings, one unresponsive center track and one responsive half spec, some string and a nifty little tool.

For the price you can’t beat it, mine is DEAD smooth, the finishes are pretty slick, and it will do any of the tricks you like when set up as an unresponsive yoyo. Narrow enough that putting it in your pocket doesn’t look weird, and feels undersized in the hand. Also as a trainer it’s fantastic, the narrow gap makes you really focus on your accuracy. But then set up as a responsive is a super laid back throw for just relaxing.

I love it.

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I love One Drop yoyos, but all the reviews of the Parlay that I’ve seen describe it as pretty unstable due to its organic shape, flat bearing, and light weight. Adding brass side effects and a centering bearing seems to really help tame it. But a throw like the Pickaxe is about as heavy as regularly sized throw, has a beautiful H shape, and comes with a centering bearing. That would lead me to believe it would be a far more stable throw than a Parlay right out of the box. Can anyone who owns both confirm or deny this hypothesis?

The only thing the Pickaxe has working against it, for me at any rate, is that it doesn’t come in solid colors, though the dual-blue splash version could be tolerable.


I’ve found a yoyo is only as stable as the one using it. I’ve seen players that don’t have that great of a throw make a Draupnir look unstable. I’ve never had any issues with the Parlay being unstable, even with a flat bearing.

Doesn’t appear to have any stability problems in this video either :smile:

The first run had solid gold and solid brown.


Parlay definitely isn’t unstable or underweight to me. It’s a very solid yo-yo! I would take the pickaxe over it though as the pickaxe is a bit more unique.

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Well, both Nate (a G2 sponsored player) and Tom V. (who practically worships OD) describe the Parlay as fairly unstable out of the box, at least compared to normal-sized throws. And they are way better than I am, so I figure I’m not going to get highly stable performance from it if they can’t.


That criticism is kind of generic, though; it’s true of all undersized yoyos. There’s a reason most folks make yo-yos around 53-56mm in diameter, or more :wink:

That said, parlay is almost 54mm diameter so it’s not really that undersized. Isn’t it more of a narrow-width throw overall?