Undersized Throws

(ClockMonsterLA) #41

Fair enough. I guess I’m just not ready for an undersized throw at this time.

Now, given that the trajectory of yoyo size seems to be ever upward, I’m thinking it might be wise to get one now before undersized yoyos (as we would define them today) become extinct.


Sub 50mm diameter is your preference, or referring to sub 50 yoyos as undersized is your preference? I didn’t realize the term had gotten so ambiguous, but I guess it’s been long enough since that era where people have come up with their own definitions


They can be frustrating if you’ve never played with one but they are fun. The increase in size over the years gets talked about a lot but I don’t see much talk about how weights have gone the other way. Small yoyos weighing in at 68g gave a little more stability but they’d wear your hand by the end of a session like a rock on a string, so I was happy to see them diet down a little


Suffice to say I’m currently satisfied with what I have. A Deep State that @codinghorror can comment on being unresponsive-ish and a factory Deep State which is perfectly responsive.

I started this topic when I didn’t have either and, now that I have both, the search is complete. The OD Deep State might be one of the most perfect throws I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying (in my limited experience).

(ClockMonsterLA) #45

I have a number of slimline responsive yoyos. What I’ve learned during the process of acquiring them is that I am just not fond of responsive play. That makes these slimlines essentially useless to me, though I didn’t realize this would be the case at the time. I will probably keep the Deep State just because I love OD throws and it makes for a good collection piece. But when it comes to “undersize throws,” I would only be interested in undersized unresponsive throws that are just like normal 1A yoyos but shrunk down a bit in all dimensions (not just made absurdly skinny).


50 is as big as I like to go, but yes sub 50 is my preference, 37 to 44mm in dia. being the sweet spot.


Responsive isn’t for everyone, I started with it so I am used to it.

Wood is great though, I love the feel of it.


Yeah fixed wood and responsive metal are two different animals. I don’t even consider them to have much in common other than the fact that neither requires a bind.

(Spinworthy Glen) #49

Me too! No surprise there…

({John15}) #50

I have got, to get my hands on a Parlay. And/or Pickaxe. But definitely a Parlay. Looks so chill.


Looks like you can shove some weight rings in the Pickaxe.


“You kinda can’t have a low center weight yoyo if hubstacks are involved.”

Challenge accepted :+1:


Lol, is this to do with undersized throws???

(Samuel) #54

What about the heist that is pretty small and usable


My Hatrick is feeling undersized these days


The Heist is nice, play is close to the St. Eel, very close.

It can handle most tricks that you could do on a full-sized yo-yo with ease.

(Samuel) #57

I actually want to get the heist although you could also just have any looping yoyo.

(ClockMonsterLA) #58

I’d like to see YoYoFactory re-release the PopStar, but about 10% bigger.

(Mash Mastar) #59

10% percent is a huge margin! You might want .5-1%.

(ClockMonsterLA) #60

At a 10% increase, a 43mm diameter yoyo becomes roughly 47mm. A 32mm wide yoyo becomes roughly 35mm wide. Something around 45-47mm diameter and 32-33mm wide is roughly what we might call an 80% yoyo, which is what I think would be an interesting size to try.