Need some opinions

So, I’m looking through throws and I’m trying to decide on the next one I get.

So far, I have a SPYY Addiction 2, and a YYF Genesis (which I just got in this morning from the YYE store).

My SPYY Addiction is tired. Doesn’t hold a spin anymore, has battle scars all on the throw, is incredibly inbalanced now, and is way too light and responsive for me to play it effectively, even if I were to get it replaced.

The YYF Genesis made me realize something on the first couple throws to break in the response and the Toxic String I threw in it: I like hefty throws, and I like my throws undersized. Sadly, I really cannot decide on what throw I want to get. I’d like to stick with metals (Preferrably YYF), but just about any brand except YYJ (I don’t like the way they are made personally, something about them that makes my throw feel really weird, I think its the metal/plastic hybrid setup most YYJ’s have).

So hefty undersized throws and preferably YYF, eh? First thing that comes to mind is the YYF DV888 and the YYF Chaotic.


Well, even other brands would help out too. I’ve played the Chaotic, and it is a decent throw, but I could never bring myself to buy one for myself for some reason… And 888’s… Maybe. Any other throws from different manufacturers that could be a highlight?

Any of Yoyo Recreation’s undersized throws but that’s quite a lot of money to be throwing at a yoyo. The SPYY Spyder 2 is pretty good. And the Cascade by One Drop (at 53mm which sort of puts it in between mid-size and undersized) is brilliant.


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One Drop Cascade looks nice, just wishing they had the colorway that caught my eye XD

SPYY Spyder 2 I’ve had my eye on for a while actually, but was not sure how solid of a throw it would be (With having the Addiction).

Eventually both, but definitely going with the Cascade first. Thank you!

No worries. Happy to be of assistance =)


Hey why not c3 yoyos they are very high quilaity and very good also the stock responeses are awesome. but if money is not an issue got the dark sonic but if your on a buget get a dibase if you like midsize throws or the token if you like undersize throws. check them out