Looking for a smaller** throw.

Good news, everyone! I’m looking to get a new throw.

I want something slightly undersized because I feel my G-Funk is too small. I’ve been throwing for around 3~months but progressing well (imo). I really like my Genesis/Protostar/G-Funk but I want to try something in the middle ground (size-wise). Floaty and Solid are still hard to define for me but I think I like a little more weight in my throws, I’m still learning so speed isn’t all that important to me.

The only thing I’ve really seen has been the OD Yelets, but I would like more suggestions and/or pros and cons of the yelets (the reviews ive read weren’t very informative).

Any help would be appreciated ;D

-Do you know how to bind the yoyo? yes

-Do you have a yoyo that you own or played with that you have liked very much?
Switch back and forth from my protostar, g-funk, and stacked genesis

-Do you have a preferred shape of the yoyo? not really, still experimenting

-Do you have a preferred weight or weight distribution? mid 60’s

-Do you have a price range? under $100

-Do you prefer a certain brand? negatory

-Do you want hubsstacks or z stacks? no

-What trick are you currently working on? white buddah

-Do you want a yoyo to Thumb grind or arm grind well? sure, why not

I would recommend the G Squared Quake! It’s a little out of your price range but I think that dropping that extra $10 is worth it! The Quake is mid-sized and a bit floaty but you can feel a clunk when it hits the end of the string. It’s one of my favorite yoyos (I know that means nothing) and from all you specifications I think you’ll like it too!

How about the DV888. It is 1.97 inches, metal, and at $50 it is a good value. It plays well and is well balanced.

Thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming!

The DV888 - I think this is still too small, at 50mm, for what I want. My G-Funk is 49.85mm and it’s too small.

The Quake - Specs look solid, but the price makes me shy away, my $100 price point was more of a “I’ll spend it if I absolutely NEED to have that throw.” I’ll keep it in my mind for a contender tho, thanks!

Yelets is awesome but I’d strongly suggest picking one up on the BST since the prices have been insanely low lately (I’ve seen as low as $35 for mint with box) if you decide on that. I’d definitely consider it an undersized throw though.

Quake is really unbeatable nut $110 retail or $80-100 on the BST

Yoyofficer Imp at $40 looks great to me, not sure what else they have in the midsize range

Other than that not really sure what’s available in the <$100 range for midsized. Most my good value suggestions that come to mind right now are full sized throws.

C3 Glitter comes to mind. Also the Werrd Minute and C3 Dibase 2 would fit this perfectly as well. YoyoOfficer also has the kilter and IMP but they’re not carried at yye currently but also both fit the requirements.

After trying to read up on the mid-sized throws all day, I think I’ve narrowed it down to the Quake or Yelets.

Anybody have any more insight on either?

No knock on the yelets, its a fun throw, but its not in the same ballpark as the Quake. Quake is CRAZY good at that size.

General Yo Hatrick
64.1 grams
50.3 mm diameter
I love this throw. You can get one on the bst for around $75. They are extremly smooth and are great on grinds. I have two that’s how good they are.

Hatrick is outdated by todays standards. Fun throw but not exactly that great. Of the 2 listed would take the quake anyday but it’s $110 new. The yelets was just not my cup of tea.

I adore smaller throws, what I have and recommend would be…

SpinDynamics Smooth Move
Hitman Pro

All the ones up there
Y factor
Arctic circle

I know that the 54 and the ones past it aren’t completely smaller, but it is mid sized, so it smaller than usual! :wink:

2.0 is inexpensive and a nice undersized.

Awesome suggestions guys, looks like I gotta do some more researching!

Chico yoyo kestrel
Spin dynamics monkey fist
Yoyofficer imp
C3 dibase2

Anyone have any experience with the MVP2?

The DiBase2 seems to have the same “extreme undercut” the MVP2 does and I don’t much like the way the MVP2 plays, any insight?

If you’re ok with buying off the BST there’s a cheap Something Angle and it’s easily one of the best undersized throws I’ve owned. I’ve tried the dibase2 but not the mvp2 so can’t give much insight. I have owned an AG, tried an AG2 and a GE and it played nothing like those.

The Chico flyer is AMAZING literally like it better than my equilateral, it’s better than the yelets and the cafe racer, not good with arm grinds but that’s it. My #1 choice for undersized