Undersized throw


I am looking for a good undersized throw for under 50 $. I am considering the yyj vigilante but I don’t know… Anything helps! :slight_smile:


Werrd Minute i gonna be the best purchase you can make

Other throws worth consideration would be:
Recrev Neaue


YYJ mini motu … Sure its oldschool … Ish …
But it’s definitely within your budget. I love mine.

Maybe a micro mo?


Werrd Minute is incredible, and one of the best $50 you can spend on a yoyo. But I don’t buy that it’s “undersized” despite their very own marketing. It feels more like a mid-sized. If you feel that it IS undersized, look no further. :wink:


C3yoyodesign token is fun or yoyofactory popstar is really small if it doesn’t look small check it’s diameter.


I want to get something in the 49-51mm diameter range


G-Funk isn’t toooo bad…a bit too quick for me but it’s not bad and it’s $55.


The reason I’m looking for an undersized because it is hard for me to maneuver my bigger yoyos through triangles and small gaps. So it will have to be pretty stable to do all the tricks I know. Such as superman and hour glass… I hope an undersized will help me master these tricks


Dv888 is not too bad


It’s not that great…but it’s super cheap.

(Bína) #11

Look on Yoyofficer Fit. Compared to other cheap pocket throws, Fit was designed as competitive throw, we wanted something similliar to Yoyorecreation Messiah or Six. It’s 50mm, so it can get through small gaps, but has 41 mm width with really open catch zone, so it’s easy to land tricks. And it has standard weight, that assure good stability and sleep time.

And is just 35$

(major_seventh) #12

It won’t help that much. Just keep practicing if that’s why you want an undersized. :wink:

I could do every trick I know with an H5XChief, which is HUGE.


How is the recrev neuae? I’ve also been considering that.