OK I really want an undersized yoyo but I don’t know which to get. I want some thing practical that I can use but pop in my pocket when I need to go someplace. Which yoyo is this?

What’s your budget? YYE just got a restock in of the C3 Token which is a tiny yoyo! Dingo is another fun micro yoyo uner the 50mm mark. If you want to go a little bigger, there’s quite a few options. One of my favorite undersized is the One Drop Y Factor, can get one for $75 here. Werrd Minute is also a great undersized and much more affordable (and very stable too!).

There’s a used angle for $30 on the bst. Would look into that

The Yoyofficer Lava is a REALLY nice undersized yoyo for the price. Also if you are willing to pay a lot more the CLYW Puffin 2 is a super nice undersized yoyo.

For your pocket, go Dingo. I like mine a lot. If I’m out and about I usually have a dingo or a crucial half and half. I could use another dingo now that I think about it. One for home, one for work… Hmmm.

How about the ILYY stuff like the mary? Its old but still a pretty nice throw :slight_smile:

Chico kestrel gets my vote. But the other suggestions here are good. I also really like the y-factor and have heard great things about the werrd minute.

This one is long discontinued but the OG Bvm is my favourite pocket throw, It has a diameter of 52 and a width of just under 39. Lots of power and stability, I’m sure you could find one on the BST for less than 100 bucks.

I agree with the used Angle, also the DV888 is way better than people give it credit for. If you can find a nice Gnarwhal or an Electric Daisy those are amazing.

For around $25-30 you can pick up a YYF Popstar. It’s a good undersized throw for the price. The next up at $50 would be the werrd minute. A bit more stable and sleeps longer than the popstar, but cost twice the price.

I think it would depend on what you mean by undersized. There is token undersized and lava undersized.

There are a lot in the token range and a lot in the lava range. Just depends how small you want to go.

Not sure how undersized you want to go…I recently got a CLYW Puffin 2 that I couldn’t be happier with. It’s a formidable little beast. Makes me want to try more undersized throws. Believe it or not…it’s got more spin time and it’s more stable than my chief.

yyo pause
yyf dv888

I agree with the DV888. It is a fantastic little yo-yo for the price. I gave mine to a friend who wanted to try her hand at throwing, and I miss if often :slight_smile:

I state that the undersize are not my favorite yoyo (and for me “undersize” it means pocket, so much less than 50mm diameter), however in my experience I don’t recommend the Token, is the only yoyo of C3 I was totally disappointed, too heavy and with very little spinn … really bad, I will have throw 5 times in all.
If you want a great undersize I think you should look for (and will not be easy) a stainless steel yoyo , example the SaintEel of Ilyy (really good), a 3point of Yoyomoster or a CU of Alchemy …

Depends on what you mean my undersized. A lot of people confuse midsize and undersized on a regular basis. The puffin 2 is actually more towards full sized, and 53 is what I would consider a mid sized yoyo most of the time. This is opinion of course, my gnarwhal 2 and bapezilla 2 feel pretty small, but they are 53 mm. However, I feel like undersized truly begins at around 51 and below. THIS IS MY OPINION, SIZE IS SUBJECTIVE

My favorite undersized yoyo is also my most fun and current favorite, the markmont. next. Out of production, but I picked mine up beat with minimal vibe for $40 just to try undersized yoyos. Tuned the vibe out of it, and now it is my favorite yoyo.

I’d also like to add I’ve heard good things about the Cafe Racer.