Good undersized yoyos?


Been out of the mainstream yoyo scene for a bit now. I prefer undersized yoyos. Like the DV888, Gfunk, 44, 44 special, Boss, 888s, Mystery Meat and Beef. Are there any other yoyos that have come out in the last few years like any of those?


Good to see you back!

Try a yoyofactory popstar. It is tiny, solid playing, pocket sized fun for just 20 dollars.

The yoyofactory boss also looks fun. In that same size range, but no longer in production, is the weird minute. Super fast plaYing, stable, fun in general.

There aren’t as many smallish yoyos as there used to be, so your choices are somewhat limited.

The yoyofactory heist has been well received as well, but am I going too small?


A-rt junior and sparrow are so so so so good


New Popstar if you want to go on the cheap. Depending on how undersized you want to go and budget, if you want to check out the Executive yoyo I would highly recommend it…In fact there’s 1 left on here:

If you want tiny, the 66% yoyos are a blast to throw and have more to them than just being a novelty - they actually play really well.

(InvaderDust) #5

Peak2 might be a good mark on the radar.


What about a mantis??


Heck yeah for the mantis if you can find one, it’s awesome! It’s just slightly undersized but not so much so that it doesn’t perform as well as a full sized yoyo. I would 100% recommend it.


The Popstar and Heist are both much smaller than what you listed. Popstar is a lot of fun, and a bargain. However, if you decide you are interested in something that small, the Masamini slays them all.

For undersized you might also see if you can find one of the older One Drops: M1, Dingo, Yelets…


If you can find one on the BST, I’d also highly recommend checking out the Yoyojam Karma. It’s still a very fun and zippy yoyo, not too small but definitely an undersized Bimetal.


The popstar and heist are just too small but thx for alp the othe suggetions.


The move is full sized but to me it feels like it’s undersized


According to the yoyos you like the a-rt jr and sparrow are great they are small canvases I love them


I have the OD Marquis as the only undersized yoyo in my collection. It is one of the smoothest yoyo (with Pixel Bearing) I have as well. If I have the money I will definitely hunt for another one as it is a really good daily throw.

But if I really got an extra extra budget, then I would go for The Executive.

However, as of this moment, you can only get them through the BST.


The Marquis is pretty easy to find in BSTs. The Executive is quite a bit smaller, but I’ve seen them on BSTs as well.


duncan haymaker is a good 52mm bi-metal option. also, one drop cascade is wide but diameter is undersized.


General Yo Entheos might fill the bill.


MFD 2evil, OD Marquis, YYR Lilliputian, OD Prescription, YYF Boss, CLYW Bassalope, YYF Yuuksta, Endeavor, YYO imp are all good throws. Some are easier to find than others.

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Im very proud of the Endeavor, which will be undersized (50mm x 38mm)


^Looks real nice!