Undersized yoyos?


What high performance undersized yoyos can I buy? I really liked my dv888 and was wondering if I could get something that felt like it, but better. Also, would the sengoku hideyoshi fit my preferences? Its size is kinda big compared to the dv888, but It’s pretty light, and, according to a lot of people, one of the best.

Just recommend anything below 150$ (or max 200$)


How about a mighty flea? That sure is undersized.


lol, that was quick. No thanks, got anything else? I’ve heard that the nobunaga’s great; how does it compare to the hideyoshi?

(You guys could still recommend other yoyos)


The hideyoshi and nobunaga aren’t undersized.

You should check out the masamini. It may be smaller than what you’re looking for but its likely better than any other undersized yoyo on the market right now.


isn’t the masamini REALLY small though? That 40 mm is scary. Does it really outperform most undersized yoyos in the current market?


The massive steel rings on the rims makes it a lot more stable than it looks for the size. Only real disadvantage compared to other undersized yoyos is that it’s narrower, but that should do nothing but help your technique :wink:

Highspeedyoyo has a review on it if you want to check it out.


Daamn, that review is pretty compelling; still skeptical though. Can you recommend any other undersized yoyos, or is this really the best? 120$ on a micro/very under sized yoyo is pretty risky


There’s not a lot of well-performing undersized yoyos nowadays. I can think of multiple great playing midsized yoyos but I’m coming blank on undersized.

I can’t think of anything that’s in production now but the Markmont.Next is a good one you can find on the bst. The YYR Messiah and Six are probably the best undersized if you can find them.

I’d personally just shoot for the masamini, if anything it’s still a great novelty throw to keep, something unique.


Okay, I’m gonna accept mid-size and sizes up to 55 mm. I’m looking for that thunk you hear when you throw it right, I’m looking for speed, and I’m looking for a good finish. I was really disappointed with my berserker ss because it just wasn’t for me. It felt kinda heavy, and that finish is really bad.

I also like how my dv888 and horizon feel cold after staying in an air conditioned room for a long time (not really important, just wanted to share it.)


I think you’d like the MFD 2Evil. It’s on the lighter side so it can play fast, and MFD has one of the best finishes for grinding. You might like the Deadly Spins Pride too.

I personally really loved the Cascade but that’s more of a floaty yoyo, sounds like you’re looking for a solid yoyo.


I’m looking for a chill yoyo that can still play very fast. Haven’t tried any yoyos that would be considered floaty, so I’m not sure if I would like it or not.


You may want to look into the Turning Point Houska.

Another to consider is the temporarily sold out Rebellion Lilliputian.


That Houska? If so, then I’m very interested. Not only does it look good, but I can also easily buy it!



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what about the Little Evil 2? that thing was a blast!!


I’m considering it too, but I don’t know where to buy it; I live in Asia. The 24 dollar shipping cost is a turn off


I’m considering it too, but I don’t know where to buy it; I live in Asia. The 24 dollar shipping cost is a turn off


I’m considering it too, but I don’t know where to buy it; I live in Asia. The 24 dollar shipping cost is a turn off


Dang, $24!

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Anyone forgot the Sturm Panzer PAKFA?