Undersized yoyo fans? Anyone?

I absolutely ADORE undersized yoyos.

Sure, having a Gleipnir or a Code2 is nice, but man, nothing gets me going more than a nice undersize!

I mean, undersized yoyos are so unpopular. Lots of people will write on their BST’s about how they dont want any yoyos under 54mm, or anything near 52.

The BvM, Bapezilla, 888, Messiah, RT, Supra, Regulus: all great yoyos, and also my favorites!

Lots of people have problems with “stability” or whatnot, but undersizeds are just so darn fun! And stability is fine, does everybody just do really sloppy string transfers?

Anyway, tell me why you don’t like undersized, or why you love it!

i disliked undersize throws for a while … and on the b/s/t i also posted things like “no undersize throw pls” etc…

but now its one of favorite types … i like both undersize and “normal” size… i just love yoyos.

i actually have a supra, 888x,protege,yuuksta,marmot,dietz … love them all

also have gnarwhal and leviathan 2 & double joker … i think they are like 52-53mm.

I definitely need a variety in my collection … can’t just have one type of yoyo…

I just traded my GO BIG for a mighty Flea lol

I like undersized because it makes chopstick combos easier on my chunky hands. My Magic N8 is the most undersized throw I have and I’ve never had stability issues with it. It’s so angular the string stays away from the edges more easily than when I first started learning on a PGM.

I think the only real problem I’ve had with undersized is doing whip tricks. Those extra mm help land that string in the gap more easily for me.

When I got back into yoyoing a few months ago, pretty much all I owned was high end undersized. As I began to aquire more/try more full sized, I began to HATE undersized. They aren’t stable, they don’t fit my hand as well, aren’t as solid, and the play lacks. I LOVE full sized! Woohooo!

I have only owned two yoyo’s since i started… 1st one was a Dark Magic and i loved the thing mainly because it was the first yoyo i had that i could actually do decent tricks with. I recently got the Dietz and besides hitting myself in the forehead once and cutting my chin open with it, it blows the DM out of the water. I think it feels 100% better in my hand than the DM ever did and I dont even really like throwing the DM much anymore because it feels so clunky. Of course I haven’t ever thrown a high end full size yoyo either so my opinion may not hold as much weight.

The dietz is actually one of the throws I haven’t used yet that I want to!

Undersizes feel yucky! I have big hands and it just doesn’t feel right throwing an undersize, I like oversized like the werrd hour and the C3 H5.

Those are WAY too big for me. :-\ Like offstring status lol

ME! ME! and i have big hands and i love undersized. see my fav yoyos on my profile!

I love undersized throws, play them every day :slight_smile:

i like undersized so much that i love the g funk and somewhat dislike the super g. the only full sized i REALLY like are the phenom and catalyst. sorta the dna, but not really. also PREFER hwing, but i can do without.

I want to get the token and the nessie. undersized throws are calling my name lol.

Gnarwhal blows everything out of the water. And My first metal was a Yuuksta. Never had stability issues with anything but a Marmot. Really the only downside is spin time, and that’s not a big deal if you do shorter tricks.

I probably wouldn’t use them on stage, but undersized yoyos are excellent!

I like undersized to full sized, but oversized is uncomfortable.

Skitrz is an equal opportunity yoyoer and does not descriminate in regards to size, weight, color, manufacturer, origin of bearing, new, used, fixed axle, transaxle, bearing types or types of response. Although the proper combination of these components might appeal more to skitrz’s preferences, all yoyos, irregardless of their origins will be given a fair and equal chance to remain in this throwers hands. Those yos found to be lacking will be distributed amongst other yoyoers until each has its own special place.


I was totally expecting this. :):):slight_smile:

I LOVE undersized throws. I do have more full sized throws in my collection. I still love em’ though.

i have yoyos ranging from 50mm DV888 soon to be token:D going to 57mm adegle asteroid. not much range there but the bulk of throws stays in the 50-54mm range. with my mains being a YYF ONE, YYF DV888, Hspin NVx, and PGM. sorta ranging and i like them all a lot but prefer around 54mm

I have stuff from over-sized to under-sized to mini and micro and enjoy them all. My preferences are for full sized.

I hear stuff about undersized being less stable and not as long spinning. I disagree. Properly designed, an undersized can perform just as well as a full sized. You do need to be more accurate and they do tend to move faster though.

If it’s fun, that’s all I care about. I do have preferences, but I’ll play any yoyo if it’s fun. to me.

size dosent matter to me :slight_smile: