undersized yoyo

Does a undersized yo yo affect the play or is it harder to land tricks. I have no ideas.

Generally harder to land on string with and are usually not as stable. They tend to play faster though and can do some tricks easier

actually undersized yoyos can be very stable depending on what you get… my yuuksta is undersized and it is as stable as my freinds genesis

I actually highly doubt that. I have a yuuksta and the stability does not compare to the genesis. The only really stable undersized I have thrown are Chaotic and Quark

what about the dv888 i really like the looks but i didnt kn ow about undersized how does it compare to a raptor.

I would say it grinds better because of the shape, but is probably not as stable. Both are smooth. Tje dv888 is undersized too, so it might fit your hand more or less comfortably depening on your hand size. It is also harder to catch on string and is much fastwr.

why is it harder just smaller gap or what.

Its harder to catch because the yoyo is smaller. Less catch area and easier to miss.

How does a Dv888 grind better than the Raptor? Mine grinds like a beast.

the yuuksta’s design is super stable. i own the chaotic and quark which are both heavier than the yuuksta too and i find the yuuksta just as stable. perhaps it’s your particular yoyo, or you don’t get the stability perhaps because because there may not be enough force in your throw. Force creates the momentum that is necessary for lighter throws to be stable. heavier throws or fullsize throws are more stable anyway with less intense throws.

It is stable, but my chaotic, which also undersized, is much more stable. Also, you are saying I’m not getting it stable because I don’t have enough force? Then wouldn’t that mean my chaotic shouldn’t be more stable then my yuuksta? My chaotic, for me, is much more stable then my yuuksta

well again, here’s the flaw, just because a yoyo is undersized doesn’t mean they should all perform or be similar or are going to be more or less stable than the other. number one, the chaotic is heavier and number two the chaotics design is totally diff as it has more rim weight than the yuuksta which makes it more stable. your throw as well as anybody’s is going to be the same for every yoyo so there it is. its apples and oranges here and not a fair comparison at all. compare the yuuksta with another 65 gram yoyo like the dv888 would be more fair here. the quark is also 3 grams heavier than the yuuksta too. so it varies a lot. for me i enjoy all three.

but they are both undersized, and he was asking about undersized. What i stated was true, even you says so. The chaotic and quark are both more stable, the were made to be stable. I am in no way dissing the yuuksta. I love the yuuksta, my first metal and I will never give it away or trade it away.

no problem swatnoodle, only you said the yuuksta was unstable 2x this week and I didn’t want this player to have that impression. however I do wholly agree with your assesment of the other two throws

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Ok cool :slight_smile: Glad we could settle this

After solving that thanks for the info on undersized.

It grinds beaster. lol