Want A New Yoyo from YYF Help!

I want a 50-80 Dollar Yoyo that is made by yoyofactory. My preference is a yoyo that spins an extremely long time, is really stable, and is not that big, like a 50-54 yoyo. I like floating ones, and I like small ones. A Genesis is an exception, but I prefer small undersized yoyos. Without Hubstacks, and that doesn’t weigh too much. Please let me know thanks.
I have tried the Yuuksta which is good, Genesis Dv888 Is way too unstable…
Thanks let me know again!!!

boss or 888x

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Can you tell me why? Whats the reason for a boss or 888x

It doesn’t really meet your criteria but the 888 is one of my faves.

The dv888 is unstable? I have one and while it’s not a favorite, it’s liked and it’s proven itself to be stable to me.

I think you need to work on your throw. That will address your needs for long spinning for MOST yoyos anyways, as well as clean up stability issues. Once that’s down, maybe upgrade your bearing to something else like an OD 10 Ball, Terrapin X or maybe something else. I always recommend some experimentation with bearings, never hurts to see what might work optimally for you.

I’ve also been using the Hitman Pro and XCon Pro a lot lately. Been kind of in an undersized mood the past week or so. I normally prefer FULL sized nearly the top of that range.

I like the 888, but I think that it is that stable. I really want a stable yoyo that can handle anything i throw at it. Like a ladder escape which i can barely do on my dv888, or a plan d. Suicides or slacks. Or long tricks like buddha revenge. UnPlanned D, and other tricks. Plus 888 is 100 dollars, I really dont wanna spend that much cause im not too great at yoyos yet…

Does it matter if dv888 is made in china or U.S? Cause my friend has U.S Made one, which spins longer. Mine is china made and is really unstable. It starts falling to the left or right after about 4 or 5 spins like a trapeze spin As a finish to a trick.

Well, I had problems too. You’ll find darn near every yoyo is stable IF thrown right. The word on the XCon pro is a bit mixed. I know we’re talking YYJ and you want YYF, but hear me out. The XCon, I really like. It IS stable, but it requires a good proper throw, and as such, it forces you to improve your throw. If you don’t throw it right, you’re not going to get along with this. It’s a good trainer and competitor as well. It flat out makes you improve your throw. Once your throw is better, it’s all uphill from there.

YYE wouldn’t knowingly sell an unstable or substandard yoyo. So I’m saying right now that you need to look at yourself and where your skills are. I think you need to address some deficiencies there first, which will need to be done regardless if you upgrade to a full metal or not. These fundamental things need to be addressed.

Also, most yoyos these days can handle just about anything you can dish out.

If you’re doing stuff like Plan D and Ladder Escape, you’re way beyond me as far as trick ability. I am working on Buddha’s Revenge and I’m just having problems with the first part after the 1.5 mount to start, I can’t do that first transition. But I know I can easily do that with a dv888 once I have the trick down.

Then again, you may want to upgrade to something in the $100 range anyways. It’s not a matter of your skill per say, but rather what performance you can aim for and “prove to yourself you deserve”. Also, many of the yoyos at that price range spin for amazing times based on their design and the inclusion of great bearings. Or maybe all you need to do is upgrade the bearing in your dv888? The one in my dv888 is a stock YYF, it works fine, but I could do better if I wanted to, say by using a Terrapin X Wing Cut or a One Drop 10 Ball. Maybe try some low-cost things to experiment with first, then re-think a new yoyo. I’m not saying don’t get something new, but I am saying maybe give it a back seat and see what you can do to improve your throw and get that stability going on. Swap bearings around a bit and see if that does anything for you. Then, feel free to buy a new yoyo if you want. Or buy some bearings AND a yoyo all at once.

if you cant do ladder escape on a Dv888 you Really need to work on your throw. i just hit ladder escape on my stock light up FHZ. Dv888 is enough to take you through anything, it should have MUCH more than enough spin time to power through any trick, on my Dv888 i can almost hit ladder escape twice of one throw.

You might enjoy the YYF Nova, I love mine! It has a very stable feel. I can do ladder escape on a responsive FH2, so if you can’t on a Dv888, it’s not really a problem with the yoyo.

The nova is a fine yoyo, IMO better then the Dv888 in almost every way. You really shouldn’t need more spin than the Dv888 can deliver though

Let me ask you something. How long have you been throwing? Because like some people said already, the dv888 is completely capable of doing ladder escape, and is very stable.

about 6 months ive been yoyoing, My first yoyos were the magic yoyos, which had around 30-45 seconds spin time. Maybe you are right, because i havent gotten used to my dv888 yet. but i know I am throwing it well. Also anyone know a good string? Gator Floss isnt sold anymore neither is angel floss. Whats good for slack string and suicides and really nice no tension string… Thanks guys… :smiley:

GFunk fits your description perfectly

but is it a good throw? better than a yuuksta? and genesis?

A yoyo that spins forever?



In all seriousness though, the Genesis seems like a good choice in terms of spin power.

nice, is the chaotic yoyo a good throw? I was thinking between a 888x or a

There is no yoyo better than the next, well perhaps there are some obvious lapses between two vastly different ones but after a certain point it reaches all of them can do what you want, it’s up to the person to decide which one suits them best.

Although sincerely, if you find a Genesis unstable, I’d advise you work on your throw before moving up.

I’ve got 4 Magic YoYos. T5,T9,T10,N9, with a T6 on the way. Stock, out the box, I’m getting 2.5 minutes of spin before I figure “eh, good enough” and bind it back and they snap back fast. Nothing other than putting a string on them. Yeah, been throwing NEARLY a year.(8 more days until then). For the money, these are surprisingly good yoyos. Yes, they won’t be my faves, but I’m thinking of getting some more since they are so affordable and fun. If you’re only getting 30-45 seconds, your throw needs work. Period. Don’t worry, almost ALL of us have this problem.

The dv888 did take me a while to get used to, so I just said “that’s all I’m going to throw for a day” and was doing great with it.

Right now, you need to work on more basics. That’s a good thing, it’s only going to benefit you in the long run.

Well I can hit a buddhas revenge and Yuuki slack and cold fusion and kamikaze? I can do the repeating Buddhas revenge like 10 times before spinning out with dv888 but when it comes to swinging the yoyo Into the little hole created… I have a problem, it starts leaning to the left and falls of and stops spinning