Want A New Yoyo from YYF Help!

It spins an extremely long time, is really stable, and is not that big, like a 50-54 yoyo. It is small-undersized, without Hubstacks, and that doesn’t weigh too much.

Very good and under rated.

It referring to the G-funk? or Nova? or Chaotic? I would agree with the above statement for the Nova and Chaotic but I just don’t like the shape of the G-Funk, its just too small for its shape, my finger doesn’t fit between the rims like on the Super-G.

That means you haven’t completely mastered ladder escape yet, the Genesis is also one of the most stable yoyos in the industry.

No I was using a dv888 for all those the genesis i don’t have I just tryed it a couple of times and it is really good

Can’t believe you didn’t say the Dietz…


If you want small, long spinning, and stable get a Monkey Fist. Yoyofactory isn’t the only brand out there.