why does everyone like undersized throws?


I was just window shopping for yoyos as usual, and a thought came across. Why are there so many undersized yo-yos compaired to full sized yo-yos? I myself have several undersized throws, but also have full sized yo-yos as well, but there is like a 3:1 ratio of under to full size. why is that?


That’s funny that you thought of that. All I throw is undersized other than my northstar but that’s the only one. I just like the way they feel versus a full. It’s also funny that if they flood the market at such a ratio it should be the norm right? Thus making undersized the full size or normal size and making full sized throws oversized. Food for thought ha ha!


Since you asked this, I see it as an opportunity for me to ask something I’ve been wondering…

What determines if a yoyo is undersized vs full sized? I know it’s obviously the ‘size’, but what measurements do you consider under/full.


lol then the big yo would be ULTRA MEGA OVERSIZE!!! :o but your right. I always have troubles goin sideways or horizontal whatever with undersized. especially with a campfire and popstar, but with my rockstar and northstar i can do it


I believe its full size if its 55.0(or 54.0 to 54.5) in diameter or up


Gotcha, thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:


I think it has to do with the style of tricks that are popular. Like a while back when everyone was into the Chopsticks stuff, they started buying smaller ones. If you like to do the kind of stuff where your hands are seldom more than a foot apart, you probably prefer undersized throws.


size has nothing to do with style. My son does chopstick combos with any yoyo he picks up other than the obvious bigyo or the like.

OH and not everyone likes undersized throws. Me included.


I prefer stuff on the larger(+55) sizes. Not to say I don’t mind undersized or full sized, but I prefer the oversized stuff for now.

I can do pretty much anything on any yoyo I have except the Mighty Flea(way too difficult for now) and my Aoda Little(because it’s hard to throw that hard enough for me right now). But when it’s all said and done, I end up gravitating to stuff on the larger side.


I obsess over spin time and stability with a taste for speed (just a little bit). Whatever yoyo I pick up, weather it be undersized or full sized, if it gets the job done the way that I want it to then I like it. I love the genesis, sasquatch, and G5 and they are full sized but the pro, skyline, gnarwhal, and hand candy are undersized and amazing yoyos that can outperform most full sized. I must admit that I like the feel of the pro the most (wide with a slightly small diameter of 2.15 inches). I think that it just comes down to comfort over performance. I must admit that the full sized yoyos I have can slightly beat my undersized so I preffer the undersized feel but I want the performance of a full sized.


for me it depends on where i am. when im in a line waiting, i like the under size(campfire, protostar, or skyline) but when im anywhere else i use full size(rockstar, g5, or northstar)

(Zach Smith) #12

Not sure what you’re talking about. Looks to me like full size are coming back in style.


lately yes there has been more with the rockstar and supernova but there are still several more undersize then full


well I would guess it is because the vast majority of the yoyo buyers are little kids with little hands. :wink:


or maybe cuz it cheaper, less metal?


Size matters…

I have yoyos across the size spectrum and while I have favorites at each end, I prefer “full size”.


i like undersized throws, because they help me later on with landing my trapeze and other complicated tricks with full sized throws :slight_smile:


Skyline-124 (or whatever it is now but still high)
Hand Candy-90

But some are cheap like
dv888-42 (close to that)

So some are cheap but both ends of the spectrum have their high price points.


Double Joker-$180


Yeah, really, hehe.
YYR Messiah-190 I think, last time I saw it on another yoyo site.