Yo-Yo "Limbo"

Just wondering if anyone has had this/going through it.

Up until a few months ago, I had really only liked/played/owned undersized throws. I was SET on these preferences-

49-52 Diameter, 41-43 Width, 64-65 Grams… Anyways.

As I acquire more/play more full sized throws, I realize how much I like them more. I’m kind of in limbo, I guess you could say with my preferences. I used to know, as I just showed you my preferences down to the number. Now, as I enjoy my full sized throws MUCH MUCH more, I find my preferences are drastically changing. I don’t play my undersized throws much any more at all, I only find myself playing with my full sized throws, like my KLR and Essence. And really enjoying stuff like the Cascade, Code 2, Genesis and Supernova.

When you throw full sized yoyos, you find that they are FAR more stable than undersized, spin longer, and land tricks better. The problem is fitting them in your pocket. But I just seem to love full sized throws now and need to get a grip on my preferences again.

Anyone else have something similar to this happen to them? Where your preferences just change?

Not per say. I do still have a preference for stuff around 56mm in diameter and 67 grams and up, so I’m definitely a full-sized fan. But, I don’t let my preferences prevent me from buying, playing and enjoying anything. I have stuff all over the scale, big, small, wide, narrow, big catch zone, small catch zone, different bearing sizes. Everything brings something different to the “table”.

Given a the choice, I’ll grab something full sized. I’ll just as easily go undersized with little issue. I am finding myself liking undersized stuff a lot more though recently.


Interesting. And yes, I have yoyos of all kinds too. It’s nice to have the option, but I would have to go full sized. I’m loving that range also, the 56 dia, 67 g weight. Seems perfect to me.

I gravitated toward undersize at first. They feel good in the hand and they’re easier to manuever when you’ve got multiple planes of string. I remember trying to hit double or nothing early on and I would mess it up without fail unless I was using my Dietz. That became my ideal shape and size.

But once you get those mastered and start adding on tricks, I think it’s something of a natural evolution to move toward a larger size. For some people at least. Your preference becomes less about making your sloppy play work and more about how far you can take a given design. Like you, I noticed the bigger stuff could just handle more tricks and longer combos more easily. Even though I still didn’t quite like playing them better, I moved toward them for the benefit.

Then, after going through a period of selecting the bigger and heavier throws on principle, I discovered that I did like them for their size, width, and weight distribution…but I didn’t like the weight. So, that’s where I’m at now. My ideal throw is something regular to large size, preferably wider (43-45), but light. I love how you can play a 64 gram full size at breakneck speed but still get that nice, wide catch zone and typically long-ish spin time.

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Yeah… what I think one of my concerns is the weight. I like the solid feel of 67 grams and it makes it really smooth and spin forever, but when you’re doing tricks really fast you find that it lags just a tad at that weight. My KLR is practically perfect. Maybe a gram off and it would be seriously amazing.

My preferences are easy to satisify, variety! I won’t some of everything. Why acquire a bunch of similar yoyos when there is so much to enjoy! Fixed axle, trans axle, bearings, metal, plastic, wood, combination of materials, wide, narrow, large, small, various weights. I’m just not going to limit myself! There’s just to much great stuff that I’d miss out on.

I went through the same thing as studio, at one point all I owned were full sized. Now I realize that I need variety and a nice pocket throw.

I find my preference changes depending on mood. Though when I’m reviewing something it’s pretty much all I play depending on what week I’m into in the review, so in that sense my opinion doesn’t count for half of my throwing time being dictated by review schedule.
Plus being I need to keep review units mint I never take them with me anywhere.

If I’m going to throw something in my pocket it’s either the campfire or St.eel. I think both are so well designed there’s no loss of playability in either case even though they’re so small.

Though I also will throw my scraped up MN or code 2 with ground avoiding damping field in my backpack. Also depending on mood.

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