Undersized yoyos!

What is your favorite, mine is the Hspin gorylla 411 or the crucial half and half.

Eneme, or pretty much any undersized one drop (project, markmont, wolly marmont, dietz, etc)

We’re assuming undersized is less than 52 mm right?

Anything that feels small to you.

original noctu, then 2nd favourite entheos. 8)

I can’t really say. I’ve got a Crucial Half & Half, and while I like it, it falls into the same category as other stuff. I’ve also got a MMN and a few other undersized. I’ve also got plenty in the 54mm target zone and a few in the oversized range.

If I had to choose between the MMN and the H&H, I’d say the MMN, the metal just feels more stable. But I’m seeing a preference for me with the oversized yoyos, preferably on the heavy side for now. My DM2 is my favorite, but the OD Code 1 is starting to creep in on that #1 position. After that, full sized is pretty good. In fact, I just got a 54 today with the aluminum spikes. I’m liking that a lot, but I also really like my BVM and Gnarwal too.

Right now I’ve got plenty of variety in yoyos. I try to just choose 1 a day and just stick with that, just to keep from getting stagnant.

I think when I get better, the full sized and undersized throws will be more attractive, but right now the oversized throws work best for me.

Gen-Yo Mini-Star

OneDrop MMN and Project

While I enjoy throwing a fullsize yoyos more, I do have a chaotic, and really love it for variation.
And among what I have tried, the Cut by Hspin is also awesome.

My favorite underdized is the gnarwhals. I’ve owned many high end ones, but gnarwhals are duperb…

i hope this thread isnt locked just because it has been done before. My favorite at this moment are the dietz and the gnarwhal. I love undersized H ish shaped throws. I don’t own a single oversized. I had the sasquatch and it was no fun. It was a lot easier but no fun. Actually I lied, I love my plastic oversized: starlite, protostar, northstar. hate the pgm. I just got the st.eel and it plays just as well as my mini star. I tried the mighty flea, not a fan… Popstar… not a fan… If you are going for a real “pocket” yoyo its all about the st.eel! i think any yoyo is really pocket worthy but if you had to ask me my absolute favorite it would be the gnarwhal. I just got some heavy spike side effects for my dietz coming in the mail so it may change…

except the big yo. :wink:

Totally. I got a Big Yo, and there’s no pocket I got big enough for that to ride in. Well, maybe if I get some custom Studio42 hoodies made up, it might fit in there…

Yeah my crucial half and half is kinda different from metals…

Why custom? It SHOULD fit in the hood.

Note Size of hood varies.

I have really enjoyed the Axiom as an undersized throw. It may be below many of you masters pay grade, but I have found it to be a worthy pocket pal.

Now I am going to go out on a limb and embarrass myself as well as further expose my novice status. I often read of the “pgm” referred to on these forums and I don’t know what that is. :-[

It is a plastic grind machine by yoyofactory.

Of course… thanks so much for the rudimentary info.
I’ll get up to speed one day, I’m trying real hard. ;D

Why Custom? Because it would have my trademarked logo printed or silkscreened on it, that’s why it would be custom. And I don’t want it in the hood because, well, I might want to use it to put my head in! I’m not into sports, so I ain’t gonna buy some football or baseball or NBA one. I also don’t feel like indirectly promoting something else for my money.

(I’m into passive marketing. I got wristbands, pens, pins, buttons, lanyards, made up, with more items on the way. I have enough T-shirts and hats for my usage, and one custom CNC cut and polished belt buckle with the logo, as well as the logo on the back portion of the belt)