Best Undersized Yoyo??


What is the best undersized yoyo for you? Why? ??? ???


Ehhhhh… best for me is the SPYY Supra. Because it’s one of only 4 undersized yoyos I’ve tried, and I like it best. :wink:

Perfect V-shape, beautiful blast for grinds, stable like a mid-sized. No float to it, but that’s the trade-off for stability in the undersized category.

It’s a beaut!


I’m not normally a fan of undersized but my favourite is the One Drop Dietz. I also like the YYJ X-Con Pro.

I’d love to try a YYR Messiah and SPYY Supra as I’ve heard great things about them.


I’ll probably cave and have one by the next Sydney meet.



I’ve heard the ILYY St. Eel is pretty good.


I find myself getting tired of all the supersize superwide throws coming out lately, so I’ve been throwing more undersized lately.

Chico Kestrel: I took a chance and got one of these, and I’m really impressed. I think it’s my current favorite undersized. It’s weight makes it seem like it would be light, but it has a solid feel on the string. The weight seems focused to the outer edges, though not necessarily the rim. Plays fast, grinds awesome, long sleeps. This is my first chico yoyo and I’m impressed.

Spin Dynamics Monkey Fist: This throw has a heft on the string, but definitely not too heavy. Very focused rim weight gives it sleep time on par with a full size throw and very good stability.

One Drop Dietz: I kind of liked the dietz with its stock side effects, but I love it with ultra lights. It plays light with the ultra lights, but gains a bit of needed stability. For me, it played a little tilty with stock side effects.

Yoyojam Atmosphere: Definitely a hefty feeling throw, but I still like it. Grinds great and spins long. The weight is very noticeable on the string.

Those are the undersized I’ve been using lately. I’d like to check out the Supra and Gnarwhal, but they don’t currently come in any colors I like. I’d also like to check out the Xcon, but I’m sure it doesn’t grind well being made out of polycarb.


They SPYY Ronin is Mid-Sized but I love it.

Also I’ve tried the Messiah. Also great.

But the Yuuksta is nice for what you pay, but you need to put a new bearing in it. Then it is smooth as silk.


C3 Dibase/dibase2
Yyr six


SPYY Supra. Love that yoyo


If you like H-shaped (and I mean, REALLY H-shaped, not just "is this what they mean by “H”?) then the G-Funk is a really neat little yoyo, too. And not expensive.


If you want a serious under size get a mighty flea :slight_smile:
Jk get what these guys reccomed or a dibase


I have a Di Base, I love it, but it might play to generic for some.