whats your go to undersize?

when I say undersize meaning around 50mm diameter … i am looking to add one to my lil collection since i don’t have any undersizes at all …

looking for something stable but not too heavy and something easy for chopsticks and chopstick variation … but open to any suggestions

so whats your go to undersize?

I was looking at the markmont Next (worried about it tarnishing though) and maybe the Monkey fist or smooth move … and maybe even the adegle glaze …

and i think a lot of people will say Wolly marmot (but its not available now) neither is wolly markmont


Yesser I’m jumpin’ up and down when I’m type’n it. J/k

Seriously it’s one of the all time undersize yoyos for good reason. I don’t know many who do not have one.

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See my little dudedroid?

«----------------- hes thrown Dietz! ::slight_smile:

SPYY Supra! No contest

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MARKMONT NEXT!!! Best dang undersize I’ve ever used!!! It’s stable while still being able to float on the string!!! A little tarnish shouldn’t stop you!

I go to my XCon Pro. When I think I got a trick down, I turn to this and it’s got a bit of an attitude. It doesn’t like bad throws, forcing me to not only transition from full sized to undersized, but to erradicate slop from my technique as well.

After that, I’ll rotate around between my MMN, Dietz, Gnarwal and Wooly Marmot. Sometimes the dv888 makes it into the rotation too.

the jazz-yo and yo cats regulus is really good and IMO kinda underrated

For me, probably the Yuuksta.I played that yoyo only for about 3 or 4 months before I started exploring different varieties of yoyos. I have’t tried too many other undersized yoyos though.

Dietz. I don’t even play my undersize throws that much but I just can’t bring myself to sell it because it’s just too good.

I didn’t personally think the Markmont Next was even close. It feels way less stable and much slower on the string to me. Kind of had that “rock on a string” feel, imo.

Get the Next dude. You can always polish it back up.

If not, the Dietz is nice. Then again, you know how I feel about that…

I’m a fan of the Skyline myself.

I have one. You can try it out next time we meet up.

The one that brings out my alluring eyes.

Dietz. Stablest undersized I’ve ever thrown.

X-Con Pro is nice too.

If you want to save some cash get an Auldey Centaurus V/Pegasus Magic. Plays better than plenty of premium yoyos.

Oh wait…

I can’t believe I forgot the best undersized throw of them all.

Can’t go wrong with a Hatrick dude. The Hatrick is hand’s down my favorite undersized. I would be using that as my go to undersized if I still had one. Thus the Skyline.

Get a Dietz for sure. Definitely the best competition worthy undersized I’ve ever played, also the jazz-yo Regukus IS very good. But hard to find.
Personally I consider up to 52 mm to be undersized, if you are willing to go that big, then I would highly recommend the SPYY Punchline repeater, it’s an AMAZING yoyo and extremely underrated. If you don’t wanna go that big though, then go with the Dietz. They are easy to get and beastly.

as many have said, go with a dietz or the markmont.
I personally prefer the dietz over the next, but that’s just me.
Also while I love my marmot, it’s not the most stable throw out there.

The Dietz is an awesome, stable, fast, and undersized throw. The Dietz also has he bennefits of Side Effects, allowing you to change the feel of the throw.

I also highly reccomend the General Yo Ministar, my favorite throw. It’s everything you are looking for and more. It is the smoothest yoyo I have ever used (besides the OG Torrent), and is an awesome grinder.

The Crucial Half and Half is another viable option. It is stable, and the grinds are great due to the delrin it is made of. The SPR offers a high degree of customization (you can change the bearing size). It plays however you want. Although it is delrin, which is a plastic, it is still awesome.

Another thing: You shouldn’t eliminate the MMN because of tarnish. It is one of the best looking yoyos on the market when it is tarnished. The more you play, the more it tarnishes. It gives the yoyo a more seasoned look, like a worn leather jacket. Many people pay huge sums of money for nickel plating, and the Next comes stock with it. Great yoyo.

Messiah… You just need to try them…

I like the Chaotic too

Dietz for sure.

Supra. Best undersize i’ve ever played. Liked it way more than my Messiah.

Seriously, probably the best undersized I’ve played, and I’ve played everything named here except for the Messiah. Just get a Dietz. Change the weight with side effects if you like, and enjoy the best undersized yoyo you will find.