whats your go to undersize?

Yuuksta for a nice stable throw, my Dv888 is super unresponsive and spins forever so I can pull off alot of cool tricks on that, and my Hatrick/and or ministar. I’m wanting to get into Oversized though, they’re some really nice throws out there.

Dietz is the way to go.

The only undersized I have is the popstar. It’s okay but the spin time leaves something to be wanted.



I’d have to go with my Yuuksta for this one. Small, fast, stable, good grinder too.

I knew someone was going to post that.

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I usually go with the Hatrick. It’s been giving me loads of fun, and I prefer it over my Dietz. It used to be really hyped, and The Hatrick still deserves it in my opinion.

Dietz are nice, the only problem with them is if you add heavier side effects they tend to get noticeable vibe. Something to do with the design i think i read somewhere. I really i have no idea, i just know out of the 4 mint ones i’ve owned, 3 of them bought brand new, if i added any brass side effects they vibed noticeably, and when i tried them with the RSMs or brass Code 1 SEs they were damn near unplayable no matter how much i tuned or messed around with them. Not a big deal since they play better light imo, but for anyone who wants that rock-on-a-string feeling maybe look elsewhere.

Something else must be goin on with your Dietz then. Mine has had all kinds of effects and its dead smooth and stable with all of them. I even have the brass domes in it right now. And God I love how it grinds :o


Right now its an 07 888. I have a Turning Point RT headed my way in a few days. Hopefully thatll be my new favorite.

Hmm… This is interesting

Still don’t know about dietz n MMN … I have to try SAMs dietz at the meet and chucks skyline…

Supra looks interesting… But will it be good for learning chopsticks fluently?

Also couldn’t find any general yos for sale …

Had a Xcon pro n it was great but need metal …

Thanks everyone for your replies!

Messiah does look interesting though… N everything else that was mentioned are great too … This is going to be really hard

I know what you mean. Wish you could try mine. But I can’t make the meet. :’( .you guys are still going to fredricks right? Man your so close but I got to work.

This Skyline. Had it with me all day today.

The only undersized yoyo that has ever jived well with me was a Battosai.


I love that throw to death

I must be an odd one, but my undersized fav. is definitely my YoyoJam Night Moves 5. Just got it through a trade about 3 weeks ago and havent looked back. super smooth, comfy shape, and fast! if you havent played one I would say try one out!

zzzip-fly, by dif-e-yo…



Wedgie for sure.

not a big fan of undersized yoyos… If I was tho, I would probably go for a nova or something