Best undersized yoyo for 60-90 dollars

Not looking at any specific brand and wanted your guys opinions.

Dietz, at $90. I think I’ll have a LOT of people in agreement on this one.

This, or Omnicron X

EDIT : It’s 110 :[.

I say diets also but good luck finding solid Color ones

Di Base!

I could go $100

Di base or capless
dietz or burnside
recurve, gull wing, roller, heavy hitter, flyer
e1nz void valve
those may or may not be undersized but there all in your price range

Markmont Next or Dietz.

Wooly Marmot if you can find one.

Gnarwal, again, if you can find one.

Other stuff I’m enjoying, regardless of price but are in your undersized category:

XCon Pro
Hitman Pro
Aoda Littles
Half & Half
Aoda Magic Pear Ball(YYF JK)
One Drop M1
One Drop Cafe Racer
Magic YoYo T9, T10, T6, N8

Haven’t tried one but an original project sounds like something you might be interested in. That or any other undersize one drop.

undersized? how about a mighty flea, popstar, or cafe racer? :-\

I did mention the Cafe Racer. I don’t have a Popstar, so I didn’t mention it. I also left out the Mighty Flea because I feel it’s just too small. But yeah, it’s definitely undersized!

would the valve or void count as undersized if so you should get one of them they’re really good

best undersized

YYR 6. no other yoyo in its size range even comes close

2nd is the YYR CLASHcube

its a shame both are rather costly

I really like the Battosai. Based on what I’ve owned, I like it better than the cafe racer and wooly marmot