So I want a yoyo in between 60 and 80 dollars I don’t do many slack tricks and I have small hands I do 1a


Hmm, small. Not exactly my area.

The One Drop Dietz would fit the need, but it’s above $80. It’s $95 these days. The Markmont Next would also be a good choice but it’s outside your price range as well at $95 as well. The Cafe Racer sells for $60, is’ really good but I’m not sure if it’s an ideal competition throw.

The DiBase, at 52.34mm in diameter, qualifies as midsized. The Token is amazing and under $30, but might be too small for what you’re looking for.

If you’re willing to go below $60, I am really liking the undersized XCon Pro. It’s plastic with metal weight rings.

The CLYW Campfire would be a good choice, but good luck getting that. They used to retail for $75. The Gnarwal would also be a good choice but it’s way above your budget.

Really, it comes down to preferences. My kid is 6 and already prefers full sized stuff, having been giving no direction or motivation to choose something over something else. So, he’s got 6 year old sized hands. If your hand size isn’t an issue, a big world opens up. My recommendations come from stuff in my collection that I like that is on the smaller side of things. Other people will recommend other stuff.


Well, as Studio42’s kid, i would choose a larger yoyo. Unless you’re getting something like a H5. But you’re probably not. Your hands are probably big enough anyways :slight_smile:
Though throws i would consider (besides those already mentioned):
Crucial AYCE
Crucial Cupcake (if you save up another 10$)
YYF G-Funk

Aaand alot more, though i cant come up with anyone right now :slight_smile:


Ok thanks


I left out some stuff.

RecRev Facade and Freq. Wave. Wow, you gotta try those out. Both are amazing, solid, stable, smooth and under $80.

I find my hands are probably maybe a bit small, but I prefer full sized stuff. I will play darn near anything. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s more like I won’t let my preferences prevent me from getting something.


The hour is AMAZING!!! It is a bit large in the hands but for the price, you can’t go wrong.