Recommedations on Middle-Sized and Undersized yoyos.

Looking for a great ( best of its class) undersized/mid-sized yoyo that is floaty,spins a long time, and performers like a BOSS. ;D

Cash is no concern.( limit= under $170 though.)
Also, the One Drop Yelets is excluded.

The Yelets is the only mid sized OD on their current line, unless you count the Sakura.

Get a dietz, save some more money and then get a yelets. (P.S. My dietz i son ebay)

Haha how many times are you going to post a recommendation thread? Just buy one already and play with it! Its a toy, not a house.

You will like any throw that you will buy. Pick one that looks cool, and you think you would like.

And just HAVE FUN!!!

Good luck! :wink:

Lets just say I tried to fit all my existing questions here ;D. I know its a toy but I prefer to rather not spend a lot of $$ to buy another yoyo which I hate and then buy another…

Okay I will give you my two cents here.

I have currently a few cases full or throws. Roughly 175 if I sat there and added them all up. I have a small collection compared to the best, but a big one compared to some. I have NEVER regretting buying a yoyo after receiving it. They all are just amazing! This is not 1995. A 15 dollar yoyo will get you to expert tut’s on this website.

That is just mt advise. If you have 140 bucks to kill then wait a few weeks and go grab a model 10, then thank me later by sending me a gift basket in the mail.

Good luck!!

Gift basket? considers

you should check out the Something Angle

Just curious… why ASAP?

Because I like to have my yoyos really fast ( I’m impatient you might call it)

I have a mint dark sonic which is medium sized. Message me if you are interested.

This is not a bst but yeah I’ll think about it.