Yoyos in the $175 range

Whats a really good yoyo in the $175 dollar or so range?

I like undersized-middle sized throws.
I like smooth, and floaty
Light, and fast. Weird shapes sometimes.

Have you considered a Di base? It mid-sized and maybe even slightly undersized. This Yoyo really smooth and I love this Yoyo for $55 it’s worth it however it doesn’t exactly have that floaty feel (then again I don’t know what floaty should feel like)

Wut. He said 175$. Not 55$.

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Cliff. That is all.

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it’s 180 I guess, but if you safe up a bit more, it’s really worth it.

He doesn’t have to spend ALL of his money.


Seriously, I don’t stop hearing good things about it.

Matches your description. DEFINES floaty, I hear. Said to be preferred over most YYR’s.

I’d get one.

Well, the Cliff does meet his “floaty” requirements…but it is also GINORMOUS.not even close to his first preference, which is “under to midsize”

Ah, whoops. didn’t read that part.
My apologies.

A good yoyo doesn’t have to cost $175. DiBase nails it real good.

Phenom. Although I’m not sure if it is under or midsize

Full sized. 56mm diameter. Dead on for full sized.

You may want to consider the One Drop Dietz.

The c3yo trident and dark sonic may fit your needs